Top 15 Tips to Reduce Waste by ReduceWasteNow

If you want to waste less but you’re too lazy to search for tips on google, we’re here to share 15 super simple techniques. If you like, then you can find plenty more on the ReduceWasteNow account. You are now a little greener than before.

1. The old me: buying all the new green products / The new me: using what I already have until I can’t anymore

Buying new green objects all the time is ultimately not very ecological. It is always better to use as much as possible what you already have until you have to buy new (or even second-hand when talking about clothes, furniture, vehicles, etc.) Anyway, in a way general, we must always keep in mind that consuming too much is polluting.

2. The old me: storing potatoes alone / The new me: storing potatoes with an apple to prevent them from sprouting

Being green also means being careful never to let your food rot too quickly, and therefore never throw away food that you could have kept longer. By the way, we’ll give you the best ways to keep your fruits and vegetables longer, make good use of them (please don’t throw them on the public highway).

3. The old me: discard the rice water / The new me: save the rice water for the plants because it is full of nutrients

It’s sure that it’s not a huge amount of water that we save by doing this, but it’s already taken, and it keeps the plants healthy longer. If you don’t do it for ecology, at least do it for them. That will be our slogan when we go into politics.

4. The old me: using tea bags / The new me: using a tea ball

It only takes two seconds longer, and it avoids unnecessary waste. In addition tea bags are often much worse than those purchased in jars or in bulk.

5. The old me: forget about food that expires in the fridge / The new me: put an “eat first” box in the fridge to avoid spoiling

We can also write the list of things to eat first on a board on the fridge door, so we leave each food on the floor that corresponds to it without forgetting it. But the box is good too otherwise.

6. The old me: throw away the old t-shirts / The new me: make rags out of them

In addition, it does not require any particular talent: you just have to decide that it is no longer a t-shirt, but a cloth. And if we cut it in half, that’s two rags. It is magic.

7. The old me: Having herbs that wilt too quickly / The new me: Freezing herbs in olive oil before they wilt

That way, when it’s time to cook, there’s no need to add oil: everything is already ready.

8. The old me: buying bagged tortillas / The new me: making the tortillas myself

It’s not that complicated and there are plenty of recipes available on the Internet. Plus it costs a lot less.

9. The old me: wipe with paper towel / The new me: wipe with washable rags or a mop

The paper towel is certainly very practical, but it is not good for the environment, even when it is recycled (you have to make it…). Better get your hands a little dirty, it only takes a few more seconds.

10. The old me: Using incandescent bulbs / The new me: Using LED lights

It’s simple: there’s one that pollutes, and the other that pollutes less. The choice is quickly made.

11. The old me: having too many lemons and not having time to use them before they rot / The new me: freezing the juice of lemons before they rot to always have some

Well we’re sorry for those who don’t have a freezer, but it’s sure that it’s a good thing to have at home to fight against waste.

12. The old me: Onions that rot quickly / The new me: Put the onions in old pantyhose to keep for months

If you don’t wear tights, you can collect some from your surroundings (no, it’s not dirty, it washes out of tights).

13. The old me: toilet paper in plastic wrap / The new me: toilet paper without plastic wrap

You can find them more and more often in supermarkets, so there is no longer any reason not to.

14. The old me: using disposable cotton pads / The new me: using washable and reusable cotton pads

That too, we find more and more often in shops, or there are plenty of tutorials on the internet to do it yourself if you like sewing.

15. The old me: Having a plastic toothbrush that takes 500 years to decompose in the environment / The new me: Having a bamboo toothbrush that decomposes in months

In addition there are bamboo toothbrushes whose head can only be changed when it is worn out. Real good news for ecologists who want to brush their teeth.

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