Top 15 tips that are very useful on a daily basis and we don’t know it, the secrets…

One fine day we get up and a question torments us: why are there pompoms on the cups? And then we manage to find the answers and his whole life changes (I may be exaggerating a little on the “whole life”). Anyway, some objects and some things in our daily life have a super useful, slightly hidden aspect that we didn’t really understand without being explained to us, and I’m going to give you a few examples that will inevitably surprise you. like never before (there again I may be exaggerating a little).

2. Margins on sheets and notebooks prevent your text from being eaten up

Is it for setting the date? To add an annotation to it? Dammit, it was to protect his writings from rats. Yeah, basically rats could nibble on notebooks and manuscripts and that sort of thing from the outside of a notebook, leaving a margin on the sides and top and bottom then prevented rodents from reaching the text and kept it full even after a snack.

3. Brass and copper door handles kill bacteria super fast

We don’t necessarily think about why we decided to make door handles in one material or another. Well, know that brass and copper doorknobs have the ability to kill bacteria and germs in just a few hours, hence the usefulness of favoring them to make things that everyone touches.

4. The half-belts in the back of some coats were mainly used by the military

You must have already seen some coats that have two buttons in the back that hold a half belt. We can say that today it’s a style effect and that at best it can bend the garment a little more, but this thing had a real use before. It was found on military coats which served as both coat and cover: the half belt allowed them to fold up and attach the rest of the canvas to put it in coat mode without being embarrassed.

5. Screwdrivers with notched handles can get stuck in a key (especially a 12 key)

Some screwdrivers have a perfectly circular and rounded handle while others have flat notched faces, why? Simply to be able to put them in a key and turn them more easily when there is too much resistance or an angle is not obvious. You have to know a little about the world of DIY to know that, I admit.

6. The button under the windshield mirror is used to switch to night mode

What good is this stuff for? In reality, it’s quite well known among night drivers, if you press this thing the rear view mirror will take a position which will block the headlights of the cars following you at night and which will hurt your eyes like when you wake up after a drink. on the beach. Very handy.

7. The pieces of fabric sold with the clothes are useful for washing

You must have already had a strange little bag in which we find a piece of fabric and a button when buying a garment. One would think quite rightly that like the spare button the small square of fabric would be used to patch the garment, but in fact no, it’s just to try different washes and avoid directly screwing up this superb jacket at 200 balls from the first machine .

Top 15 tips that are very useful on a daily
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8. Tiny buttons on jeans pockets protect your pants

It’s true that we can quite logically wonder what these buttons on our jeans are for since we can’t hang them on anything. Well it goes back to the days when jeans were used by workers, these strategic places where the buttons are positioned served to protect the most fragile parts of the garment to prevent the seams from breaking.

9. The hole at the end of pen caps can save your life

Do you think that this hole is a little useless and that it could also dry out the ink in your pen? You REALLY don’t see what it is for and you are currently crying in your kitchen because you are convinced that this hole is responsible for the failures of your life? Well no, it exists to prevent people from choking on air if it gets stuck in someone’s throat.

10. The small hole under the padlocks protects the padlock from moisture

See the tiny hole under the locks? Do you think it’s used to pick the lock like in the movies where it looks super easy to pick when in reality not so much? Well no, it’s just to let the air through to prevent someone from choking, just like pens. Nah, I’m kidding, it’s used to evacuate the water from the padlock to prevent it from rusting and getting damaged. Really logical when you think about it.

11. Wooden coat hangers repel some insects

Is their role simply to be stronger than plastic or iron hangers? No, not only. Wooden hangers are not made from just any wood, most of them are made from woods like cedar which repels moths and other pesky insects to protect your clothes. It’s well thought out, isn’t it?

12. The brushes on the edges of escalators aren’t there to clean your shoes.

Personally at first, I was convinced that these brushes were used to clean his shoes and sometimes even his dishes, but as you are probably beginning to understand this top, you know that this is not the case. In reality, it’s a safety trick that prevents clothes, shoe laces or bag straps from getting caught in the mechanism. UNBELIEVABLE.

13. The colors of toothbrush bristles serve as a wear indicator

Already, you can on some models see that the colored part of the tip of the toothbrush tells you how far to pour toothpaste, but for the rest of the bristles, they actually serve as a witness to monitor the wear of the object , when they start to discolor or fray it’s time to throw it away and get another one. You really are assistants for objects telling you when to throw them away.

14. The “neck” of beer and soda bottles is the place to hold them.

Wondering why the necks of glass beer and soda bottles are so long? Well I’m going to tell you my little love ashtrays, it’s simply so that we hold our bottles in this place so that the heat of our hands does not heat the drink too much. Yeah, it’s borderline far too logical for it to become surprising, but it’s for you somewhere who reads this top and didn’t know it.

15. Detachable in-car headrests are your future best friends

They could be adjustable without being able to remove them completely, but then why? To remove them when we have to load something super long? No. In reality, the headrests can help you break the pane of your car if you are stuck in it: hold it from above and hit the window with the two iron bars, it won’t last long.