Top 15 tips for looking rich when you’re not

They say that money doesn’t buy happiness and it’s true. On the other hand, pretending you have money can make you happy and that’s great news because it’s much easier to pretend you’re rich than to really be. rich.

3. Speak kindly to poor people but with some condescension

Be careful, we are not asking you to speak with contempt or like an asshole but rather with the somewhat forced kindness of someone who feels guilty for possessing more than the plebs.

4. Pen add zeros to your tickets to make them look bigger

I didn’t invent anything, it comes from the infernal Montparnasse Tower and God knows it’s a brilliant idea from a brilliant film.

5. Always talk about a new project that you are working on but that you are not allowed to talk about and which could pay off big

The rich are always working on projects that will bring them big profits. The only difference with you is that if they lie, it won’t take away from their wealth.

6. Dating rich people

Very simple tactic to put into practice, it will allow you to immerse yourself in rich people while letting people from the outside believe that you are certainly rich too because as we know the rich mainly frequent the rich it is much more easy to pay the bill at the restaurant.

7. Talking with a hot potato in your mouth

Be careful, do not actually talk with a hot potato in your mouth because it causes canker sores. Rather act as if. This will allow you to no longer pronounce the consonants: you will be understood much less well but since you are rich it does not really matter, you will be listened to anyway.

8. Color your credit card black

With a large marker that you can use directly in a shop like that, you don’t have to buy it, which will allow you to be less poor than you already are.

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9. Stay locked up at home for 3 weeks, photoshop yourself on images of Bali and post them on Linkedin

Rich people express themselves mainly on Linkedin to evoke their state of mind about the world with inspiring messages and the varied landscapes that have helped them to rethink their conception of management.

10. Keep all the packaging of branded products, to put the first price products inside when we receive guests

Be careful to empty your trash can so that your guests don’t have the gloomy idea of ​​going to dig through your trash to check if you are really rich or if you don’t care about the world.

11. Buy a blank canvas at 10 bucks and say it’s an Yves Klein monochrome that is extremely expensive

Overall when you are asked the price of the objects present in your home, remember to tell them that it costs “extremely expensive” without giving a precise figure. People will imagine delusional sums because they are naive and very impressed with your wealth.

12. Have a picture of the latest iPhone framed in your living room

Wealthy people like to frame portraits of their possessions: SUV, Nespresso machine, Dyson vacuum cleaner. Do not hesitate to reproduce these codes at home to resemble them in turn.

Top 15 tips for looking rich when youre not

13. Drink olive martinis or champagne in triangle-shaped glasses

Of course, not being rich, you will not really drink olive martinis or champagne but a simple canada dry with an olive drowned in it (remember to remove the stone anyway), it will probably be disgusting but people will tell you will admire for your social success.

14. Buy large gold-plated clip earrings on Vinted

Or even fake. The bigger it is, the more it’s acceptable. The important thing is to wear a lot of jewelry on all the extremities of your body because as we know, rich people always carry several kilos of jewelry to move around.

15. Make boring lemon-like pasta sauces

The rich like alternative sauces, that’s what they are taught in cooking class at the school of wealth while the rest of the population is content with simple traditional history / geo lessons.

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