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Politics is not lol. We have to study programs, choose who will represent us for 5 years thinking about all the dimensions of our lives, cry then get up when our candidate loses… And it’s not the 2022 presidential election, aka the worst presidential election in history , which will make us change our minds. Fortunately, we can count on people drunk, not with apple vodka, well, we don’t know them personally, but with talent and humor, to cheer us up. Thanks to their sense of repartee, they were able to aim where it hurt. And know that they aim very very well.

1. When people sent zero checks to Valérie Pécresse

If you have seen Valérie Pécresse’s kitty pass, who is begging for money to reimburse the 7 million euros that the presidential campaign of the Republicans, then you may also have seen checks passing by from generous donors. And by generous, I mean lots of zeros, like in $0.00. Because yes, lots of people on Twitter have decided to troll little Valoche by giving her zero checks. And honestly, it was the best idea of ​​the century.

2. Jean Lassalle who wrote checks for €10 to his competitors who were indebted by the presidential election

In terms of prank for presidential campaign reimbursements, our national Lassalle has done as well as the zero euro donors to Valérie Pécresse. In a tweet post-first round of the 2022 election, the president of Let’s resist boasted of having donated to his political colleagues, in debt by the campaign, by sending checks to Pécresse, Jadot and Hidalgo. Checks which turned out to be for only €10. It’s small, yes. But it’s still kinda funny.

3. When tiktokters screwed up a Trump meeting

In June 2020, the former President of the United States, Donald Trump (but you certainly had not forgotten the name of this genius, I know), was to hold a political rally in Tulsa. A few days before the event, he also announced that he had received more than a million requests for tickets for this meeting and an external speech was therefore set up for people who could not obtain places.

But surprise, the same day, only 6,200 of the 19,000 places available were occupied. K-Pop fans had indeed mobilized upstream on TikTok to reserve places without any intention of going there. Result, Trump was not very happy and the outdoor part was canceled. It was ENJOYABLE!

4. When people on Instagram openly poked fun at Putin

This troll is a little less fun now that we know the horrible consequences of the war in Ukraine. But at the time, it was a great mobilization. Following a call broadcast on TikTok, dozens of Instagram users flocked to Vladimir Putin’s fake Instagram accounts to bombard him with comments, begging him not to start World War III. Comments like: “Papa Vlady, please, no war, I will do anything, I beg you” or “Papa Poutine, please cancel the war”.

5. When Action Discrète made a rap about the misunderstood Balkany by Patrick Balkany

In 2014, the comedians of the Canal + program Action Discreet made fun of Patrick Balkany, in front of him, in the greatest relaxation. They actually pretended to be young rappers from Levallois and offered to introduce him to their new sound. What Patoche accepted with great pleasure, since he has, on several occasions, made beautiful dance moves on the song. Except that he must not have listened carefully to the lyrics, because otherwise he would have heard this: “The villa in the Caribbean is not his. The Palace in Marrakech is not his. The Moulin de Giverny is not his or “You’re the king of tax-fucking”. In any case, we want this sound on a vinyl 33 rpm.

6. When leftists trolled the 2022 right-wing primary

In December 2021, the Congress of Republicans was held to designate the candidate who would represent the party in the 2022 presidential election. And for the occasion, my sure gauchos did not lack imagination. Many went to vote in this primary, bringing with them the two euros needed to access the ballot boxes in red coins. A little troll that still does good.

7. When the U.S. Foreign Affairs website crashed because of a Trump end-of-term troll

At the end of 2021, just before Biden took over as President, the website of the United States Department of State (equivalent to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs) crashed due to a small blagounette. An employee, dissatisfied with the ministry, has indeed decided to advance the end date of Trump’s mandate by nine days on the biography of the former president. Modification which would have meant that Trump had just left office before the inauguration of Joe Biden (a real thing of phew). Following this modification, the site therefore crashed for long hours because of the number of people wanting to check this information. Yeah, that was phew smart as a troll.

The Republican’s bio page on the site briefly showed a sentence saying “Donald J. Trump’s term ended on 2021-01-11 19:48:41”

Posted by Sky News on Monday, January 11, 2021

8. When Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebarri clashed with Marine Le Pen

Yes, Djebarri is freewheeling on TikTok. Yes, it is clearly government communication to attract young people to the Macron vote. Yes, it’s totally free. But it’s also pretty hilarious. Judge by yourself.

9. When the Jean-Michel Blanquer look-alike danced in front of the Ministry of Education

But siiiiii, remember at the beginning of 2022, when the Jean-Michel Blanquer scandal in Ibiza broke out. The Minister of Education had indeed announced, a few months earlier, the health protocol for the start of the school year from the Spanish island where he was on vacation. This dark story has given rise to one of the most incredible troll scenes in troll history. An unofficial look-alike of Jean-Michel Blanquer (but frankly, it was just like), indeed danced in front of the ministry in a swimsuit and flippers to parody Jean-Mimi. And since then, this video has been looping in my head.

10. When the French created Quickly my first name to make fun of Éric Zemmour

A joke all in subtlety, as we like them. To make fun of the completely absurd remarks of Éric Zemmour, who had proposed, in September 2021, to enshrine in the law the obligation to give his child a French first name, French people created the site Quickly my first name. The goal: to allow people to check if they will be able to keep their first name in 2022 and give them a new first name for those who should change it. In any case, know that if your name is also Élise, your new first name will be Olive. That’s a yes for me.

11. When Gossip Girl clashed Sarkozy without pressure

Come on, admit it, I’m sure you had well forgotten the little spades of Gossip Girl to Nicolas Sarkozy. Already in episode 7 of season 2, Lily van der Woodsen talks about an invitation received by the French president who invites the family to Disneyland Paris, a beautiful ref to the first official appearance of the Sarkozy / Bruni couple. But the biggest spike is visible in episode 15 of this same season 2, when Serena, well aware of her mother’s love life, tells Dan that Nicolas Sarkozy is a bad kisser. Blow to the former president.

12. When François Fillon had to pay €1,000 to buy the website

In 2013, François Fillon had the unpleasant surprise to discover that the name he wanted for his 2017 campaign site had already been taken. Sammy Dia, 20, had indeed bought it a year earlier at 15€ for fun. On the home page, the young man had also posted a video of the candidate “with fabulous comic potential”. Contacted by Fillon’s campaign teams, he finally managed to negotiate 1000 balls for the transfer of the rights to this domain name. Hats off to the artist (well, the computer scientist).

13. When Julien Bayou published an ad to poke fun at Jack Lang

In 2011, the elected official of EELV, Julien Bayou, kindly made fun of the former elected socialist, Jack Lang, who had failed to be reinvested in the Pas-de-Calais during the legislative elections. For this, he ran a small advertisement in the newspaper saying “URGENT: JH, 72 years old, always dashing, night owl, festive every June 21, actively looking for a welcoming and tolerant constituency. Have a parachute if needed. Contact: » Clean, neat, smudge-free.

14. When bakeries made fun of Jean-François Copé and the price of his pain au chocolat

In October 2016, Jean-François Copé made the big mistake of saying that a pain au chocolat cost 15 cents. It took him very badly. Following this, several bakeries have therefore decided, to ridicule him a little, to sell special JFC mini pains au chocolat at 15 cents. And frankly, it’s a feast for the eyes (and also the taste buds).

15. When Catalans laughed at Manuel Valls when he left Barcelona City Hall

In May 2021, the Catalans did not miss Manuel Valls when he announced that he was resigning from his post as a municipal councilor for the town hall of Barcelona. To the tune of “Me…Lolita” of Alizée, the people of Barcelona did not hesitate to clash with our favorite former minister with “My name is Manuel Valls. The darling of the rich and entrepreneurs » and of “I might found a party, I don’t care if it’s right or left”. Please, let it be broadcast in replay mode on my wedding day, that’s all I ask.

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