Top 15 things you probably didn’t know about Monaco, the land of the rich

Monaco is the country of the rich that no one really understands. There are still half of the French people who think it is French territory, and the other half just know that they are good at football and not much else. However, there are many questions that people ask about Monaco (personally, my first question is: How to marry a Monegasque?) and many things that people don’t know about it. So, for you, I investigated, I went there as an exclusive (it’s wrong, I didn’t have the right) to be able to tell you all these little details that people don’t know about this beautiful country.

1. Monaco has one of the highest levels of security in the world

The inhabitants of Monaco do not even lock their cars when they park them, yet it is far from being as if they were driving a Twingo. The first reason is the fairly high concentration of police officers (more than 500 police officers for 38,000 residents), and the second reason is the number of surveillance cameras (nearly 1,000) on the territory. Inevitably, it doesn’t really make you want to steal stuff, especially when you’re already rich and you already have a luxury car too. The percentage of crime there is also very low: we are talking about one car theft per year, and one murder every 10 years. And, the most OUF case of crime, the thing that turned all the press upside down, was the theft of a jeweler’s painting, which was very quickly found, so obviously we are not too much on the same level . The Monegasques are too stupid, there is 0 action in their city BAHAHAH (it’s not true, I envy you).

2. On the other hand, there are special situations for which you are OBLIGATED to call the police

For example, if you want to go to the pharmacy because you have a little headache and you would like a little family Doliprane (no one says that, sorry, don’t hate me), but it’s after 8 p.m., you have to call the police so they can take you to the pharmacy. To enter a pharmacy on duty, you are therefore obliged to be accompanied by the police. Imagine the face of the cops if you’re with a girl and you want to practice what we call SEX and you have to call them at 10 p.m. to tell them “come escort me we’re going to buy condoms guys “. And that alone makes me want to go to Monaco at least once in my life.

Top 15 things you probably didn't know about monaco, the land of the rich

3. There are only 13 schools and 1 university in the city

The Principality of Monaco has 10 public schools, 2 private schools and an international school. Public schools are free and Monegasques go to school for 12 years, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. All students study the Monegasque dialect because, with the majority of French people in Monaco, the dialect tends to get lost more and more.

For the university, teaching is provided in English and it specializes in training executives for high-end international companies. After graduation, graduates often become high-end car dealership managers, 5-star hotel managers, or luxury jewelry buying specialists. Because inevitably, they are in Monaco, so they can only learn luxury.

Top 15 things you probably didn't know about monaco, the land of the rich

4. Social housing is provided in Monaco from the age of 18

However, only citizens of Monaco can benefit from it. Many of these apartments have two levels, consisting of the bedroom, living room and kitchen on the ground floor, and other bedrooms upstairs. The number of rooms necessarily corresponds to the number of people living in the apartment, and, if a couple has two children, they are supposed to have a 4-room apartment, but, when the children leave, the couple must move to a 4-room apartment. 2 rooms. Enough to make you want to keep your children up to 35 years old.

When children turn 18, they have the right to their own home and only have to fill out paperwork to qualify. However, the apartment cannot be sold, it can only be bought back from the State at a special price.

And if you want an apartment, it will be like this: (yes, in Monaco, in social housing, there is a swimming pool with a slide, it’s slightly different from French HLMs)

5. You can only rent an apartment through a real estate agency

To rent an apartment, it can only be done through an agency and the tenant and the owner of an apartment will never meet. The agency takes 3 monthly payments as well as a deposit, and it is customary to pay one year’s rent in advance. Monthly payments are not accepted in Monaco, and on average renting an apartment costs €3500 per month. What to pay for a studio with toilets that are not EVEN on the landing, in Paris.

Top 15 things you probably didn't know about monaco, the land of the rich
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6. You can get fined for walking around barefoot.

Monegasques are very careful about people’s appearance. There is a fairly strict dress code in the principality, where if people wear bathing suits, walk around bare-chested or take off their shoes anywhere other than on the beach, they could be fined. It is forbidden to wear shorts in most hotels and public places. A backpack or sneakers can also block your entry to several places. Basically, it is forbidden to be SWAG. Me, all I see is that the Monegasques are big dorks who don’t let us take advantage of the good weather, these seriously ill people.

Top 15 things you probably didn't know about monaco, the land of the rich

7. In Monaco you can often see people pretending to live there

According to the law, a resident of the principality must spend at least 6 months in the territory before benefiting from tax advantages. But, since there are plenty of rich people who like to travel and go all over the world, they are content to act AS IF they live in Monaco during this time. They then ask drivers to park their cars inappropriately in view, so that they can receive fines and prove that they were indeed in Monaco. They sometimes even leave the keys to their apartments so that the drivers can come and turn on the lights or run some water from time to time. So, I’m telling you, I’m leaving Topito, I’m going to become a flat tease for the rich of Monaco, just to enjoy it a little, what.

8. To reside in Monaco, you must have an account in a local bank

As well as an impressive deposit to be able to open the account. Without a bank account, residents cannot rent an apartment or have a SIM card. Nor is there a traditional bank branch; the doors are always closed, you have to ring a special bell to enter and the bank’s customers all have their personal banker who manages their account and assumes the responsibilities of a financial adviser. He can pay apartment bills at the client’s request and he scrubs your toilets (that’s wrong, but he really does a lot of stuff).

Top 15 things you probably didn't know about monaco, the land of the rich

9. In 2020, there were more women than men among the citizens of Monaco

Exactly, 5222 women against 4351 men. And knock, guys.

10. It’s very hard to obtain Monegasque nationality

In the principality, one cannot obtain immediate citizenship, neither by birthright in the territory, nor by marriage with a Monegasque. To be a citizen of Monaco is a privilege which must be earned, and which can only be obtained by applying to the Prince for naturalization. A foreign woman married to a Monegasque can only apply for naturalization after 10 years, and only if she still lives with her spouse. If she is a widow, the woman can apply for naturalization only if she proves that she has not remarried. Apart from that, only people who have lived in the territory for 10 years (after their majority) can apply for citizenship, and they must renounce any other citizenship.

For the Prince to decide whether or not the person is worthy of receiving Monegasque nationality, he needs to receive a recommendation from the Mayor of Monaco, the Minister of State and the President of the National Council. In other words, it’s a hassle, and he pisses us off the Prince a little bit, so we’re going to stay French and he’s not going to get us drunk.

11. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world

Just behind the Vatican. Monaco is 1.3 square km, so basically you can quickly walk around the principality. And yet, Monaco is the most populous sovereign state in the world. Here is. It is in your interest to remember these figures all your life, they can be useful to you at any time, if one day you forget you risk very heavy penalties (like me who comes to hit you in your sleep).

12. The military defense of Monaco is the responsibility of France

In 2002, a treaty between France and Monaco specified that in the absence of heirs to perpetuate the Grimaldi dynasty, the principality would still remain independent rather than return to France. On the other hand, as far as the military defense of Monaco is concerned, it is still provided by France. Basically, it’s a bit like your kid telling you: you don’t have the right to eat with me, I’m living my life, but ON THE OTHER HAND, you have to feed me otherwise I won’t talk to you anymore. Dirty kid.

13. The life of Monarchs is under the watchful gaze of their subjects

When Princess Charlene shaved her hair, it was THE scandal of the year that shocked Monegasques. On the one hand, because she had shaved her hair. On the other hand, because she had a haircut that hasn’t been fashionable since 2013 and that was already great at the time, so it’s downright despicable. In an interview, she said that she had “dreamed of making this cut for a long time, and that in 2021, other much more important subjects deserved the attention of Monegasques, so they had better stop making it. shit, these big assholes of shit”. Well, I’m not sure about the last part of the sentence, but it’s something like that in idea.

14. Monaco has the lowest poverty rate in the world

Good after, technically it does not surprise many people. Monaco has the highest GDP per capita in the world and the lowest poverty rate. Already because the poor do not stay there, they flee, and also because the unemployment rate is only 2% (with nearly 50,000 workers commuting between France and Italy every day). The country has the highest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita. Inevitably, there is no income tax and corporate taxes are very low, so people are very rich. And I am very jealous.

15. The Tuche don’t really live there

And yes, this is perhaps the thing that will shock you the most from the top, but it’s true, the Tuches don’t really exist and are only fictitious, so no, they don’t live there. There you go, sorry, I’m a big fan of the Tuches, so I took the liberty of placing them, so that they exist at least in this top.

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