Top 15 things you only notice when done wrong

Everything in its place and a place for everything. Of course, it’s better when everything is going well, but it’s rarely when everything is going well that we notice that everything is going well. And some things in particular only get noticed when they’re totally screwed up. Yes, it’s unfair but we found an AskReddit that listed lots of ideas in this genre and I’m sure it inspires you.

1. Plumbing

So try patching up the pipes on your sink with disgusting patches and you’ll see that it won’t hold up in the long term. And badly done plumbing is a lot of trouble.

Top 15 things you only notice when done wrong
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2. Editing a film

OK I’m not a cinema specialist, my skills are limited to watching a movie and forgetting my personal life for a short time (hello dawkness mesh old fwend). But a poorly edited film can be seen immediately. If you don’t see what I’m talking about, just look Cineman for the perfect example of an epileptic montage.

3. Sound recording on set

We always think that the sound recording is not a big deal that we can do the thing on the fly, and when we listen to the final version of a video with a disgusting sound, well, we pass for truffles. It’s a great classic. Don’t be cheap on the sound.

4. Singing

At worst when you listen to a professional singer sing you say to yourself, well frankly it’s not bad he knows how to sing just what. We do not realize in reality that a person who sings badly destroys your ears from the first note. This is applicable for just about all artistic fields.

Top 15 things you only notice when done wrong

5. An extra in a film

As paradoxical as it may seem, an extra is there precisely not to be noticed, it’s a sort of living wallpaper in the background of the stage. Except that many extras are actors in the making and want to be noticed at all costs by overplaying something really useless like breathing or walking in the street. It’s very funny but above all it’s proof that your extra is a bad extra. And that’s how you end up with the worst extras in history.

6. Dust on furniture

Basically the dust who cares. We know she’s there prowling but we ignore her like a mess by pushing her under the furniture. Then one fine day we discover the top of the library, this zone of lawlessness which does not know the concept of wiping and we discover that a badly done cleaning of dust, it looks like that.

7. Dirt on your windows

Many of those who have discovered the joys of working from home have also discovered that the panes in their windows are absolutely disgusting. Because we’re never going to congratulate a window on being clean and transparent, but a dirty window immediately makes you dirty, you throw things at it while insulting your ancestors.

Top 15 things you only notice when done wrong

8. Parents (and conversely children)

In the immediate family, we tend to see what is wrong with others rather than looking for the qualities and things that make this person not a horrible torturer who serves as your parent.

9. Piloting an airplane

When we travel by plane, we are rarely led to say to ourselves “wow the people who drive the navion, they do it really well”. Rather, we say “Damn I hope I’ll find a taxi that won’t rip me off and that I’ll be able to win my wife back during this vacation that I gave her at Club Med”. On the other hand, if the pilot is really bad, we will immediately notice it, especially when we crash on the ground.

Top 15 things you only notice when done wrong

10. Cosmetic surgery

No need to elaborate on that, I think you know exactly what I’m talking about, the episode of Friends Meeting was quite eloquent about it.

11. A big fat mytho

Lies only work if you know how to tell them well. As soon as we manage to detect your lie, the whole project falls apart.

Top 15 things you only notice when done wrong

12. The quality of the air we breathe

I don’t know about you but I never said to myself “Damn, how good is this air that I breathe”. On the other hand, when I find myself on my bike at the bottom of the exhaust opposite and the pollution indications are red, it immediately gives a clearer idea of ​​what looks like a disgusting air.

13. General health

Whether it’s your back, your knees, your lungs, your teeth, or whatever’s going on inside your fragile body, you don’t really pay attention to it when things are going well. And as soon as something goes wrong, it goes into big whimpers. It is typically for this reason that we say to ourselves with each hangover that we will never smoke cigarettes again and that we stop drinking, and as soon as our body recovers, to forget the big resolutions. It’s ugly.

Top 15 things you only notice when done wrong

14. The quality of your internet connection

It may be a little less serious than the quality of the air we breathe, but it is much more traumatic for any connected person who respects himself and who would have no qualms about bartering a few doses of pure oxygen to be able to watch oklm videos on Youtube.

Top 15 things you only notice when done wrong

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