Top 15 things you do thinking you’re cool, but are super handsome

Our primary purpose in life is to be cool. We do everything to be cool. Sometimes we do too much. And often it has the opposite effect. Here are 15 things we do thinking we’re cool but really aren’t. Moral of the story: stop.

2. Throw away your cigarette with a flick

It was already not cool 30 years ago but now that we are aware of something called ecology (I don’t know if you know), it’s even more useless.

Top 15 things you do thinking youre cool but are

3. Say “well done” instead of thank you

In recent years, the expression “well seen” has become popular to thank people and it’s really very lame. “Hey man, can you pass me the history lesson?” Well seen, that’s cool. »

4. Talking while spitting cigarette smoke

There are people who smoke normally and then there are those who take deep breaths to speak while spitting out their smoke. Worse, there are people who talk while blowing their smoke through their nose and we don’t quite understand why.

Top 15 things you do thinking youre cool but are

5. Speak very loudly to sound interesting

We all know this person who talks very loudly to his friends in public places, being convinced that his story is super interesting. Except that not in fact, who cares. But then really.

6. Grow a mustache

People who grow a mustache always go through the zero stage with the yucky little hairs under their nose before reaching the final stage of the real stylish mustache. It’s brave to try, we support you.

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7. Cycling with your hands in your pockets

I can understand teenagers who do wheelies on the road, they have to get some fun out of it. On the other hand, I will never understand those who ride their bikes with their hands in their pockets. It’s risky, it’s stupid, and you still look stupid.

8. Driving with windows open and loud music in town

When you go on vacation with your friends, you always do the same thing: loud music, open windows and we sing loudly because we are super happy. Except it sucks actually. And that’s anything but cool.

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9. Wear corduroy

Corduroy is trendy and it can be very pretty but unfortunately it does not suit everyone. Trying a new style is just as brave as growing a mustache, but we’re clearly not going to encourage it.

10. Know the lyrics to lots of songs

People who know all the lyrics to the songs love to show it off by singing loudly. Like everyone else, you think it’s stylish to know Californication by heart but in fact, you don’t look cool at all (especially because you can’t sing).

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11. Do skate tricks on the sidewalk

I love skateboarding, don’t get me wrong here. But you have to accept that there is a place for everything and that everything must stay in its place: we move in the street and we do tricks in the skate park. We know very well that your little tricks on the sidewalk are just to show off.

12. Overtake all cars on the four-lane

It’s never been stylish to drive super fast on the highway, but it’s even less stylish to overtake cars that are going slower than you. You type accelerations for no reason to satisfy your ego and it is frankly ridiculous.

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13. Calling people “jackal”

I really like this nickname but you have to accept to move on and leave the word “jackal” in 2020. It’s not as funny as before.

14. Not liking JUL

Today, it’s not at all cool to despise Jul and autotune. The phrase that goes everywhere is the following: “I don’t listen because it’s not my style but it’s true that it’s strong”.

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15. Order boxed champagne

What could be better than being a VIP in a club? You’re there on your sofa with your coats, your bottles and the little sparklers. Hell.

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