Top 15 things you didn’t know about goldfish, your future best friend

The goldfish is a freshwater species belonging to the family Cyprinidae. It is one of the most popular pets in the world. Do you remember Bubulle, that little googly-eyed fish you won at your school fair? He hadn’t survived long. Does it make you nostalgic? So read this top and learn more about the congeners of your goldfish (RIP).

1. A goldfish can theoretically live 30 years

Oh yeah. So nothing to be proud of your duration record with Bubble VI and its three years of life in captivity. If you also put him in a mini round jar with plastic plants at the bottom, know that he surely died in excruciating pain due to compression of his internal organs that the size of the aquarium prevented him from growing like it should.

Top 15 things you didnt know about goldfish your future
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2. Because yes, in adulthood a goldfish is supposed to measure 30 centimeters

It’s crazy no, to think that despite his tiny brain, he understood that in the ridiculous cube where you will have put him he could not develop properly, and therefore imposed himself the dwarfism as a way of life. Of course, he may not have thought about everything, but that’s no reason to feel guilty about what you did to him.

3. Besides, in quite a few countries, the round jar is prohibited

Because of animal torture, so you see, I wasn’t bullshitting. Fifty liters per fish is a minimum, and it’s not me who says it, it’s the site of the French association of goldfish. And even if you too are revolted by the living conditions of French goldfish, you can sign this petition to put an end to this massacre.

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There is no small cause. All the little creatures on this planet deserve someone to stand up and stand up for them. I have also just checked on the Internet and have not found any earthworm SPA, I hope this will give some ideas to the best of you.

5. He has a memory of several months.

Three exactly. I have a confession to make here. And I know you won’t judge me, compared to your many bubbles gone too soon. Naively believing that the memory of fish did not exceed the nanosecond, I had a lot of fun creating whirlpools in the jar of one of them, for the simple pleasure of seeing it whirl around like a moron, convinced that it would have forgot right after. I’m so sorry, if you only knew.

Let’s talk about something else. Look at all it can do:

6. It should not be released into nature because it is very polluting

I see you coming with a saving soul, BUT NO, don’t release one of our golden little friends into the wild. It destroys everything in its path and pollutes enormously. Everything is not white or black, Bubulle also has its little faults, what do you want.

7. He is gluttonous

Which means that you can pour him the bag of kibbles all at once into his jar up to the brim, he will eat everything without any problem, very happy, without realizing for a single second that the calorie intake level is is not the best. That’s why it’s very important to watch your fish’s diet if you don’t want him to become obese and be made fun of at school.

8. In the wild, it looks like this:

We would have been lied to all this time, the goldfish is not red, nor even orange. And no friends, at first it was stupidly golden gray, and it was after numerous crosses and other genetic manipulations carried out in China that it changed color.

9. They can have really rotten illnesses

Very dirty stories, based on hyper-contagious parasites that cover Bubulle with whiteheads before slamming him and his comrades, or hyper-bloated bellies, spiky scales and eyes that pop out of their sockets. They can also see their fins rotting like this, for no apparent reason. And they’re not immune to cancer either.

10. But rest assured, their tumors are operable

Attention sensitive hearts, this story will upset you. George, a tiny Australian goldfish developed a brain tumor when he was ten years old. His owner decided to save him by asking Dr. Rich, a veterinarian, to settle the whole mess. And George now lives normally with his other congeners.

11. They have nostrils that can smell stuff

Like everyone else, you might say. Then you will turn your tongue seven times in your mouth and realize that oh yes it’s true goldfish live in water, how do they smell odors, that would mean that there are odors in the water. The Topito research team is not yet able to tell you how this miracle is possible, but as soon as we know more we will call you.

12. They only have one kidney. And no stomach

Granted, they also have gills and scales and that’s a bit more mind-blowing in terms of the differences between their species and ours, but still. Like a mouse, it doesn’t look like us either, just like the birds. And yet, inside, nothing very surprising. I thought that beyond appearances we were a big family, all the same inside, but I screwed up.

13. To move up and down, they don’t use their fins but an internal organ

Called swim bladder in the jargon, and which fills or empties depending on where our young friend wants to go. And that’s how it works with submarines too, except instead of a swim bladder it’s called ballast. It’s easy to make fun of this top, but we have to believe that studying fish has allowed us to make great discoveries, so be less clever.

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14. It doesn’t look like that, but Bubulle is a predator

So try to introduce him to a little guppy friend to see, he will make short work of it. He’s like that Bubble, as soon as it goes into his mouth, he bites. Besides, if you want to make him happy offer him bloodworms from time to time, hunting his prey cheers him up, it’s proven.

15. There are incredible varieties

Admire this:

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