Top 15 things where everyone grumbled before getting used to (band of relous)

Human beings love to complain, it’s in their nature. At each small change in his daily life, he groans for form before resigning himself. In general, we complain about the updates (and we end up finding them not so bad), for the changes of actors in the series (even though we’ve seen the character 3 times) and for the changes in the packaging of our childhood, those we loved with all our heart.

1. The arrival of stories on Insta

In 2013, Instagram stole the concept of Stories invented by Snapchat and made it available on its social network. At the time, absolutely everyone was using Snapchat, and outraged users vowed to stick with the ghost-logo app. Except that in fact no, because it’s still more practical to have everything in one place. We quickly dropped our principles to spend our days on Insta.

2. Messenger smileys

Since its creation, Messenger has changed the style of its emojis many times. Some users didn’t care because these emojis were only available on Android, but that’s still a lot of people affected. With each update, everyone yelled and ended up getting used to it 3 days later.

Top 15 things where everyone grumbled before getting used to

3. The move to 280 characters on Twitter

When Twitter decided to go from 140 to 280 characters for a tweet, people were not happy but then not at all. Already that the disappearance of the star in favor of the heart for the symbol of the like had made the crowds cry, no one was ready to see tweets that were too long appear in their TL. The biggest fear of users? See tweets appear from 10 pages of teenage girls talking about their horses, like on Facebook.

4. iOS 7 and the Instagram logo

In 2013 came out iOS 7, a new OS for the iPhone with a very different style because it was much more refined. At the time, it did not at all please users who were used to their application logos and who caused a scandal. Three years later, Instagram‘s logo completely changed its style and fans expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks before getting used to it very quickly.

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5. Product placements on YouTube

A few years ago, the question of money on YouTube was taboo and product placements were very frowned upon. Today, it doesn’t bother anyone that two minutes of video are devoted to the presentation of Raid Shadow Legends (link in the description) (no, it’s a joke).

6. Friends VF change

I never watched Friends in VF but many people told me they were shocked by the change in the French voices, especially Chandler’s. And then finally, they got used to it very quickly because we don’t really care. Me, I was very disappointed with the shortened version of the credits from season 3.

7. XXL phone sizes

Before the invention of smartphones and touch screens, the ultimate goal was to have the smallest phone in the world (but still hang a whole bunch of useless charms on it). Since the iPhone 4, mobile phones have continued to grow and we were very annoyed at first. “Anh but it doesn’t fit in my pocket”, “But it’s complicated to touch the opposite side of the screen with your finger”, we complained a lot but we quickly accepted having phones with large screens (because it’s better, actually).

8. Changing the cork of Cristaline bottles

In 2018, Cristaline equips its 1.5 L bottles with caps called “snap clic”. These caps are attached to the bottles, which “prevents them from being lost in nature and ingested by animals” according to the brand. In truth, it’s quite tricky to use and you can easily get it everywhere when you open the bottle but, as for the rest, you got used to it.

9. AirPods

Upon their release, the AirPods (and other copies) were immediately criticized. “But it’s ridiculous, they cut the wires to make us pay more?? “. Wired headphones are gone now and everyone has AirPods or Bluetooth headphones.

10. The Montparnasse tower and the Pompidou Center

“What horror, these despicable buildings will spoil the Parisian panorama! “. 100 years earlier, the same was said of the Eiffel Tower, which is today the most famous monument in the world.

11. Resold personal data

A few years ago, the big technological scandal was the collection of personal data for commercial purposes. It yelled in the cottages accusing the GAFA of all the evils in the world (which was not fundamentally false) and many even disabled geolocation and refused all cookies. And then, we realized that it was still very practical to have automatic data filling and geoloc. And above all, we capitulated, telling ourselves that we had nothing to hide, it’s sad but that’s life.

12. Smoking banned in bars

Since 2007, it is forbidden to smoke in all closed and covered places open to the public. When the law passed, no one was really happy and some even wanted to resist (as with wearing a mask). Today it just became normal.

Top 15 things where everyone grumbled before getting used to

13. Withholding tax

If I tell you, does that evoke good vibes for you? Since 2019, the withholding of income tax has become mandatory and it has not pleased a lot of people. Inevitably, some information became available to employers and blablabla, it was really complicated. And then a year later, we don’t talk about it at all.

14. Linky counters

The words “Linky counters” are always very present in the sentences of conspirators. “Did you know that they were spreading covid via Linky meters? And 5G too! “. Anyway, as soon as you add the word “connected” to an everyday object, people panic. When will the cutlery be connected?

15. The changeover to the Euro

Between the bug of the year 2000 and the changeover to the Euro, the French experienced many anxieties in the early 2000s. After February 17, 2002, merchants no longer have the right to accept payments in francs and I can tell you that my great-aunt didn’t like it too much. And then, like everyone else, she got used to it.

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