Top 15 things we’ve all forgotten and still miss a little

We wanted to tickle your nostalgia by asking you on Facebook to tell us about these things that we almost forgot and which were nevertheless very cool. Of those old things you miss. Your answers brought us back to the past and we really enjoyed it so we share some of them in this top.

1. Baptiste’s sweet answer:

“The YESs. How I got sick of these cakes »

Topito’s review: Oh yes ! This thing was still above the Kinder Délice (that is to say if it was excellent.)

2. Van Sa’s adequate response:

“Taratata and its sometimes improbable duets, it was really a great show”

Topito’s review: Yeah, Taratata still exists, but the real Taratata died a long time ago.

3. Laëtitia’s melancholic response:

“The Saturday Trilogy”

Topito’s review: Buffy, Charmed, The Chameleon, Smallville, The Sentinel… Aaaah when is it coming back? M6, we are waiting.

4. Emma’s TV response:

“The KD2A series in the morning on France 2: Lightning, Heart Ocean…”

Topito’s review: Oh yes it was so good! On the other hand Lightning we never made it to the end because honestly it was shit.

5. Marine’s culinary response:

“Apple turnovers from McDonald’s”

Topito’s review: What are we waiting for to launch a petition for their return?

6. Dora’s strong chocolate response:

“The real Chocapics. The ones that were sharp and shiny there, that tore your cheeks and gums and were probably covered in sugar syrup. Best cereals on earth! »

Topito’s review: Your dentist doesn’t agree with your answer, but we do: the old recipe was hot.

7. Caroline’s tasty response:

“Prosper snacks”

Topito’s review: Gingerbread filled with chocolate, strawberry or apricot, it’s still hell. Are there really people who love it?

8. Sandra’s WAY TOO SWEET answer:

“Flavoured skimmed milk cartons for a snack”

Topito’s review: Sure ! with tick and tack on it. The problem is that we were in a hurry to eat the chocolate and plain ones and after that there were only strawberries left.

9. Liza’s morning response:

“Weetos! It’s been gone for years like! »

Topito’s review: Yes, for far too long. And if you want to hear from the professor who was on the box, you can check out the top cereal mascot fates.

10. Jordan’s musical response:

“Fan De” with Séverine Ferrer, maybe even the “Hit Machine”… my name is Charlie… and my name is Lulu… we’re on M6-uh for the Hit Machine-uh. Also the good life in general…

Topito’s review: Jordan, you spent your whole childhood in front of M6 instead of going outside to play with friends. It’s not good.

11. Grégory’s boring and first degree answer:

” The respect? Common sense? Smart? »

Topito’s review: Ohlala Grégory, we relax a little huh. But you are not alone, many have given answers as sad as this. It’s getting really scary on Facebook, isn’t it?

12. Sam’s unsettling response:

“The Tang has mint mdrrrrr”

Topito’s review: The Tang was very cool, but the Mint Tang, Sam… No, we really don’t follow you.

13. Sharon’s smoking response:

“The 5-ball cigarettes! »

Topito’s review: On the one hand, it’s better for everyone’s health that the packages have become very expensive. On the other hand, it’s true that those were the good old days.

14. Lucas’ video game response:

“Flash game afternoons on the family pc”

Topito’s review: unfortunately passed away a long time ago, but it will have brought us a lot of happiness.

15. Valentin’s sparkling response:

“The fluo perrier, especially the pink. »

Topito’s review: By far the prettiest bottles that have ever existed. There was icy mint (blue), lemon-juniper (yellow) and cherry-ginger (pink), and it’s true that pink was way above the rest.

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