Top 15 things we did not so long ago, and which seem strange to us…

Time flies, at least for us humans, because for a pebble or even planet Earth (which itself is a big pebble) it must be starting to feel long. Be that as it may, things are changing so quickly that certain habits or customs that are not so old today seem completely absurd, so much the tools we have have made things evolve quickly, we offer you a little jump in the past, and that is scary.

1. Call the phone clock

Not so long ago we could call a paid number to get the time. That’s all. We paid to be on time. Today suddenly it seems a bit stupid with watches, smartphones, clocks everywhere and especially the other people in the street who have the time if we really have no other way…

Top 15 things we did not so long ago, and which seem strange to us...

2. Rent a movie at the video club

You may not remember this time, or you simply did not know it but before the netflix and company it was necessary to rent a film and only one, that was expensive and moreover behind it it was necessary to bring it back (and to rewind it at the time of VHS). Super boring concept, so nobody was watching movies. Never.

3. Not communicating with loved ones while abroad

When people went on a trip abroad they gave news to their loved ones once they had returned, so making a phone call from another country was expensive. According to a study it cost more than the trip itself to give you an idea.

Top 15 things we did not so long ago, and which seem strange to us...

4. Take a road map as soon as you leave home

Today with the GPS we type the address where we want to go and we let ourselves be guided, even if it is in Jordan. At the time, you had to check your itinerary before leaving, even if it was only twenty minutes from home, which took two days of preparation. As a result, no one left their house. Never.

5. Write in SMS language to limit yourself to ONE text message and not see your message switch to MMS

What a time, when you had to invent a new language to write as few characters as possible and send a message praying that the person would understand what you wanted to say. Everything was placed under the sign of economy, finance and characters. Another time.

Top 15 things we did not so long ago, and which seem strange to us...

6. Use a phone booth and the yellow pages

Before the yellow pages it wasn’t just a website, it was a big book so heavy it could kill someone by falling on their head. And the phone booths were the best way to lose money easily while queuing, a bit like bars, but with less fun.

7. Count your internet connection time

When the internet arrived, you still had to save money because that story cost a ball. So we had to share the time available with the whole family to visit sites that were generally rotten. But we were happy and life was better (not really).

Top 15 things we did not so long ago, and which seem strange to us...

8. Read TV 2 weeks to find out what’s on Tuesday in 8 on France 2

Since there was no streaming, we had to watch the programs that the television channels selected for us and in order to be sure that we were not going to miss anything, we had to get the program TV to discover that the film The big mop was going to be broadcast every night on every channel.

9. Telling our whole life in our Facebook statuses

Alright Facebook is something of an old man today, but for the youngest do you say that at the time it was a kind of private diary open to the world where everyone recounted their rotten life, their amorous disappointments to his setbacks of lousy evenings. Now we do the same thing, but in the form of photos on instagramwhich brings a significant artistic side.

Top 15 things we did not so long ago, and which seem strange to us...

10. Make a selection of a few songs to listen to in your MP3

The MP3 players of the time allowed you to keep very few songs in memory, so you had to make your own little playlist that you changed almost every night (at least for those like me who had a usb-mp3 key with enough space to store 12 pieces of music). And to think that today we complain when the connection to music streaming sites cuts off for 10 seconds because we are in the metro.

11. Make flyers to announce a concert

Today it’s super simple: we create a Facebook event, we invite all our contacts and we piss off absolutely everyone by repeating every two weeks with a new rotten event. But before it was necessary to create, print and distribute flyers and believe me it was much more difficult than it sounds said like that.

Top 15 things we did not so long ago, and which seem strange to us...

12. Pay to download music to use as a ringtone

The first phones allowed very little customization, basically you could choose a ringtone, you see how crap it was. And on top of that, the ringtones were chargeable and played with banged-up electronic notes, but what class was that in those days.

13. Having to save your travel photos

At the time, you had to choose which photos you could take, because with film you weren’t unlimited. And again that was when we had a camera, even a disposable one. Then you had to have them developed and sometimes discover that they were all failures. Today we shoot dozens of photos that we never look at, we have a much healthier relationship with this activity I think, but which remains a young thing that annoys the old.

Top 15 things we did not so long ago, and which seem strange to us...

14. Burn CDs

Ah, the era of burned CDs and compilations of music or films in Div-X… We passed on albums or films to each other after having burned them, which could take a lot of time and be very expensive. Then came CDs that you could burn multiple times and life was never the same again. Finally until the disappearance of the CD what.

15. Listen to sporting events on the radio

Already I personally find that watching sports on TV is boring like a rainy day without electricity but imagine that at the time people followed these events on the radio only via a commentator it gives me the sheaf. I just threw up just now.

Top 15 things we did not so long ago, and which seem strange to us...

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