Top 15 Things The Poor Can Do, But The Rich Cannot

Admittedly, there are still some things in this world that are untouched by money. Ass, love, and sex, mainly. For the rest, well… The rich tend to spoil our little pleasures for us, while we toil to pay more for water. GREAT. Luckily we still have a few things reserved for us. And yeah guys, yeah, we also have privileges in fact!

1. Don’t be wary of having interested “friends”

Also walks in love. No bifton, no michtos. CQFD.

2. Getting excited over a pocket of scratch tickets

The hardest part is knowing where to start… I always hesitate between the Astro, the lucky number or the personal Cash!

Top 15 things the poor can do, but the rich cannot

3. Have nothing to lose

Materially, of course. We’re not monsters either.

4. Have only one bank account

Ptdr RIP to those who have tried to explain to us a thousand times the difference between an A booklet, a young booklet, and an ELP. This story sounds so boring. So, it’s quite logical, but whoever says a single bank account also says a single credit card, and therefore… No chance of exchanging our codes between them, of getting lost or whatever. We really don’t have the same problems.

Top 15 things the poor can do, but the rich cannot

5. Hide tickets to be happy to find them

The real ones know. That little 5€ note deliberately forgotten in your coat, which you only find the following winter… What happiness!

6. Do the ostrich from the 15th of the month

And squeeze your ass so that payment is accepted every time you go to checkout. Thrills guaranteed.

7. Asking friends to babysit our children for free

Also works for pets.

8. Being happy to discover a new form of pasta

You’ve done all the spaghetti, noodles, penne rigate, fusilli,… And there… BAM! You discover the tortiglionis. You can only understand this emotion if you eat pasta every day. I don’t know how to explain this to you, it’s so beautiful. So strong… I will just quote QuentinD, who always has the right words for this kind of situation “ they are perfect. Good shape, melting, they grip the sauce well. It’s a crush. ». A rich man would surely not even have made the diff.

Top 15 things the poor can do, but the rich cannot

9. Cut out good promotions in catalogs

And piss everyone off at the checkout. Heehee, oupeeep.

10. Touch the CAF

Worse: knowing your identifier by heart and doing regular simulations to be sure that you can’t touch a little more.

11. Do not hesitate between 30 outfits in the morning

And not having a summer dressing room and a winter dressing room. Everything fits in a single cupboard, and it’s still much more practical!

12. Ask for a doggy bag

We are not saying that the rich are less green, we are simply saying that the plates of gourmets seem less difficult to finish. Report to the fact that it is literally swallowed in one bite, hihi.

13. …by the way no one expects you to pay for the restaurant

And that’s good, because it really wasn’t in your plans.

Top 15 things the poor can do, but the rich cannot

14. No one expects you to die to get your inheritance.

So if someone is looking forward to your departure, it might just be because of your character. It’s a little sad, but it’s sincere.

15. Getting Rich

I know, you say to yourself “gna gna gna they are funny them, if we had the solution we would already be so yes yes yes” bah EXACTLY… Solutions, we have plenty to fill our pockets, in fact!

After attention, in this article we are talking about the real rich, eh, not about those who pretend and who become ridiculous, eh. Kevin, please stop taking a selfie in front of all the mercos you meet!

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