Top 15 Things That Were Trending 10 Years Ago That Are Rock Bottom Today

Time is speeding up. It’s not me saying it, it’s full of people. In the past, a technology could last 5000 years (think fire, a little, rather practical until we invented electricity), now it rarely exceeds 10 years. In the past, a personality could stay afloat for a long time. From now on, we quickly fall into oblivion. Time is accelerating, and you are losing your time reading tops.

2.Secret Story

In 2010, Secret Story was at the top of the wave. 15 weeks of broadcast on TF1 as a bonus. Just imagine.

In 2016, Secret Story was launched in the second half of the evening on TF1 and the other programs were broadcast on NT1. NT1?

In 2020, we still wonder how we could have liked this show.

3. Blu-Ray

2010: “But I promise you, the quality is amazing! »

2022: Since then, there are small Blu-Ray boxes lying around and whose cinematic content is inversely proportional to the space occupied. Unlike our video streaming platforms which take up no space at all.

4. Francois Hollande

2011: After the fall of Strauss-Kahn, we were victims of a collective hallucination: but yes, I promise you, Hollande is COOL. Moreover, we elected him, the proof. And comfortable too.

2016: Waking up is hard. HARD. HARD. Hollande is at 16 points of favorable opinion. And he just picked up 4.

2022: Who is the funny man we see on TV?

5. Laurent Blanc

2010: Laurent Blanc, champion of France with Bordeaux, savior of the France team, announced as the future replacement for Fergusson in Manchester.

2022: Laurent Blanc is just making money in Qatar and we don’t know what he looks like anymore.

6. Lipdub

2010: ALL clubs do their lipdub to look young and cool.

2022: ALL clubs regret doing this.

7. Megaupload

2010: “Don’t bother with torrents, you go to Megaupload, there are all the films. »

2022: The creator of Megaupload ended up behind bars, and, we repeat, there is Netflix and company today.

8. Jean-Francois Cope

In 2011, Copé was the most ambitious of the UMP deputies. He had anticipated the fall of Sarkozyism to take the side. Copé was preparing the election of the President of the party and was given the favourite.

Finally, after an electoral squabble with Fillon, Copé was forced to disappear from the radar because of the Bygmalion affair. In 2016, he was the hated political personality of the French, and today we just remember that he did not know the price of a pain au chocolat.

9. Grooveshark

2010: “Wait, but you still use Deezer? But you know that everything is on Grooveshark and it’s free? In addition, the sharing is too easy and the quality better. »

2022: “No, but ultimately Deezer and Spotify is life man. Grooveshark? Never heard of it. »

10. Canal +

2010: Canal+ has really become the sassy and cool channel again. Short, the big newspaper, the small newspaper, Greenlandeverything sucks.

2022: Bolloré destroyed Canal+, and only MyCanal accounts are still of interest.

11. The Nabaztag

2010: Too great, the little rabbit who lowers his ears when you have an email. I’m definitely going to give this for Christmas

2022: The ?

12. The Arab Spring

2011: A wind of freedom blows over all the peoples of the southern Mediterranean. That’s it: the democratic model will bring down the dictatorships and everything will be fine.

2022: Horror in Syria, shambles in Libya, Egypt once again ruled by the military; only Tunisia has not managed too badly, but everywhere else the situation is out of control.

13. Chat Roulette

2010: Too cool! A trick that allows you to communicate with anyone, randomly, anywhere in the world! Go ahead let’s get started for the evening, we’re going to have too much fun.

2022: Chatroulette? Oh yeah, the thing where there’s no one but guys showing their dicks?

14. Johnny Depp

2010: The guy plays the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderlandhe’s the most talented, coolest and most bankable actor we’ve ever seen.

2022: Talented, okay. Cool, maybe not after all. Bankable? Since he’s getting kicked out of his movies, probably not.

15. Groupon

2010: Honestly, it’s too convenient. You go through the site, and as it’s a group purchase, you have amazing discounts.

2022: Oh no, the Works Council gave us Groupon tickets again, I don’t know what the hell, I asked for real stuff.

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