Top 15 things that make you look smart but also really boring

In all American sitcoms, there’s this character who thinks he’s smarter than the others and can’t help but make unbearable little remarks; I’m obviously talking about Ross in Friends and Ted in How I Met Your Mother. The problem is that these characters also exist in real life and you surely have one in your group of friends. If you tick at least half of the points of this top, it means that this friend is you.

2. Ask for the molecule instead of the drug name at the pharmacy

If you ask for paracetamol and not Doliprane at the pharmacy, it is necessarily to show you off. Or because you want to pay less by taking the generic drug and there you are really smart.

3. Answer for people during a Trivial Pursuit

In general, people who think they are smarter than they are are desperate to throw out information about anything and everything; Trivial Pursuit is therefore the perfect game to spread their culture to those who want to listen to them.

Top 15 things that make you look smart but also

4. Responding “I preferred the book” to someone who tells you about a movie

WE KNOW that there is a book and that it is very good but here we are talking about the film in fact. Why do these people feel the need to compare the two?

5. Pick people up on the way they speak

Picking up on your friends when they make a mistake in speaking, it’s okay once or twice but it can get very messy if it’s systematic. So yes, everyone will know that you are seriously cultured, you see, but it’s not worth it to put everyone on their backs.

6. Speak for an hour on a super-sharp topic

Go find out why, there are people who like to talk to walls. They don’t seem to mind getting into a conversation where nobody can participate except that after 5 minutes, it just becomes a college class and it’s really not fun in the evening.

7. Leaving the opera saying it was worse than usual

If you really want to be labeled snobby and hateful, you know what you have to do.

8. Take out words that no one knows in Scrabble

It’s quite rare to have a great time playing Scrabble but it can kill time. On the other hand, it’s immediately boring when your friend starts to say words unknown to the battalion which bring him 40 points at once.

Top 15 things that make you look smart but also

9. Offer solutions to someone who just needs consolation

We don’t always know how to react to someone crying, but with a little experience, we realize that the person opposite just needs comfort. So your brilliant “didn’t you think of doing that instead? it would have been better,” you keep them to yourself.

10. Say “Ah, did you watch it in VF?” with a smirk

Breaking News: It is now possible to watch series in original version without despising the people who watch them in French. Incredible but true.

11. Bring a bottle of red and stemware for a picnic

Drinking red wine sitting in the grass of a park is already very snobbish but it becomes laughable if there are also stemmed glasses. By trying to be smart, you ruin the whole concept of the picnic.

12. Stall in any discussion that you don’t have a TV at home

” Hey how are you ? What did you do this weekend? “Well, you see, since I don’t have a TV, I went out for a walk and in the evening I read a good book because, well, I don’t have a TV, so I have to keep myself busy”.

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13. Read all the explanatory panels at the museum

We know they are there to be read, but honestly, who spends 20 minutes per room reading EVERYTHING? We understood that you were smart, no need to make little “hmm yes I understand better” looking at the paintings.

14. Saying on returning from vacation that “there wasn’t much cultural to do, the beach is 5 minutes”

It’s true that it must be really terrible to spend a week without going to an opening or to the opera. But how do the people who live in these places do honestly???

15. Watch the Parliamentary Channel

Denounce yourself, we want to know who is watching this channel from hell.

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