Top 15 things that are universally asshole moves, people are monsters

Even if we try to be beautiful people every day, we all get out of hand. There are some asshole phrases you can’t help but say and things we’ve all done at least once when it’s really hateful. As it takes measure in all things, it is necessary to know how to put a limit. So we decided to make a list of really horrible asshole moves, the really disgusting ones around the world.

1. Park in a disabled space

In the classification of assholes in the car, there are several levels of malice: there is the guy who stops on the pedestrian crossing at a red light, then the one who honks continuously for 30 seconds and finally, the one who parks ( crooked) on a disabled square. These people deserve to spend eternity in hell.

2. Steal money from the cup of a homeless man

This is a horribly evil deed that automatically classifies the person in the category of huge assholes. What could be more despicable than stealing from a homeless man, frankly? Perhaps stealing from a blind homeless …

3. Don’t pick up poop from your dog in town

There are many countries where it is not a problem to leave your dog’s poop as long as it is in the wild, but it is immediately crazier in the city. It doesn’t matter if the city is already dirty, no one wants to inadvertently walk through fresh dog shit. Especially if it’s right in the middle of the sidewalk.

4. To prick the work of an artist to make money on his back

While strolling on Instagram, Stéphanie comes across a nice visual drawn by an independent artist. Neither one nor two, Stéphanie decides to make pretty inexpensive t-shirts and mugs out of them in order to sell them on RedBubble. Bravo Stéphanie, you are officially detestable.

5. Get angry with supermarket workers

In far too many countries there are people (often old people) who like to complain and yell at supermarket workers. The problem is, this isn’t their darons’ supermarket and these employees are rarely around for fun. The same goes for people who get angry with waiters or nurses: you are assholes.

6. Chomping in a queue pretending to join someone

Standing in line is really one of the craziest things to do every day, like a taste of hell. You are up, you get bored, it’s long and you must also check that nobody steals your place. So inevitably, the free riders are particularly frowned upon and deserve an imminent death.

7. Leave garbage on the floor at the cinema

In my opinion, people who leave their garbage behind immediately earn their place on humanity’s waste list. How does it occur to you to spill your pack of popcorn and leave it all on the floor? Who are these people who leave candy wrappers and empty bottles in the aisles? Is beyond me.

8. Leave products anywhere on the shelves of a supermarket

Even though some countries don’t give a damn about recycling and the environment, food waste isn’t cool anywhere. So when, in addition, it gives extra work to drunk employees, it really becomes an asshole move. Don’t leave your fresh produce on the shelf, please.

9. Stick your chewing gum under the table

The yucky chewing gum stuck under the table is a typical schoolboy problem, a difficulty in life that we left behind when we finished school. What happened to those people who stuck chewing gum under the tables when they were teenagers? Have they become exemplary citizens or do they continue to soil the tables in their open space and at family meals at the grandmother’s?

10. Steal books from the library

It’s not good to fly, we know that, eh, but that doesn’t prevent us from weighing chanterelles at the price of button mushrooms from time to time. On the other hand, it’s really disgusting to steal stuff that is made available to the community like library books. The only thing worse is the people who degrade the street furniture, the same people who broke the high school table football.

11. Spoil a movie that has just been released

In my opinion, a spoil is no longer one after two weeks of release. I know it’s harsh, but I’m a little fed up with people screaming spoiler when it comes to the end of Titanic or Fight Club: it’s too late guys, get used to the idea . On the other hand, spoiling a movie (or series) that came out super recently is a truly despicable act.

12. Put your flyers in the neighbor’s mailbox

Well, I admit that I do it often. Sorry Mr. Martin if you are reading this top, it is because of me that you have too many flyers from locksmiths and pizzerias. It’s not very nice, of course, but it brings a bit of spice to my gloomy daily life.

13. Do not replace the toilet paper roll

It is an implicit law in the world of toilet enthusiasts: an empty roll is thrown away and replaced. Obviously, some renegades indulge in illegality and choose a life of brigand. So empty rollers pile up next to the toilet brush and every day honest people find themselves in a hurry when it comes to wiping their hair.

14. Don’t say “he’s cute” when someone shows a picture of their child.

That’s how it is, we must always say that the child is cute so as not to pass for a heartless monster. We don’t say “are you sure it’s yours?” “Or” worry, he will surely have other qualities “or” Is he always frippé like that or he comes out of the bath? “. We just smile and compliment.

15. Faint in the metro

It pisses everyone off, do you think we have your time actually? We are in a hurry so nobody pulls the emergency stop handle, you get off at the next stop and you feel uncomfortable on the platform.

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