Top 15 super stylish things when you’re a child and useless when you’re an adult

We’re not going to lie to each other, adult life is still a lot of shit. You have to fill out tax forms, go shopping every day, or even give up small pleasures like being able to watch cartoons from the 2000s without being judged. But the hardest step is certainly that of accepting the fact that many things that made us happy before now give us more than sadness. Frankly, if that’s growing up, I’d rather go back to the belly of my reum.

2. Have the green pants after falling in the grass

When you’re a kid: You had a great afternoon with your friends.

When you are an adult:You’re going to have to spend a minimum wage on stain remover and put your jeans through the washing machine three times to get rid of them.

3. Go to Disney

When you’re a kid: You are going to meet Mickey and have the best day of your life.

When you are an adult:You’ll wait 3 hours in queues to do two-minute rides, all while listening to kids screaming all day.

4. Take a bath

When you’re a kid: You are the commander of a mega aircraft carrier and you spend three hours playing in warm water.

When you are an adult:You don’t fit in the tub that’s too small and you get pissed off because you don’t have any more toys in it.

5. Have a cast

When you’re a kid: To have class with his friends and to be written on the arm by the whole class.

When you are an adult:To look like a big, clumsy ball and reek of death from sweat.

6. Have your first name written on all your clothes tags

When you’re a kid: Have organized parents.

When you are an adult:Being completely control freak.

7. Wear your coat just by the hood

When you’re a kid: Be stylish.

When you are an adult:Participating in fashion week or having forgotten how to put on a coat correctly.

8. Go to the municipal swimming pool

When you’re a kid: Do the thong technique in the slides.

When you are an adult:Catching warts and fungus.

9. Go to school

When you’re a kid: Play tag at recess and go to Puy du Fou for the history lesson.

When you are an adult:Being surrounded by idiots and reviewing heavy stuff when you just want to earn a lot of money.

10. Go to the children’s park

When you’re a kid: Spend an incredible afternoon with your friends playing all possible games.

When you are an adult:Having your head squared because of screaming children and insup parents.

11. Have €5 in your piggy bank

When you’re a kid: Being rich (and planning to buy candy with it).

When you are an adult:Being poor (and planning to buy a kebab without drink or fries since the price has gone up).

12. Being strolled in a stroller

When you’re a kid: Being a little finicky just because your feet hurt.

When you are an adult:To be completely weird.

13. Have Paw Patrol clothes

When you’re a kid: Have an unstoppable style.

When you are an adult:To be haunted by his children.

14. Go shopping for back to school

When you’re a kid: Have a new binder and a new agenda to personalize.

When you are an adult:Spending a kidney on your kids’ new supplies and getting depressed over hearing co-workers talk about their rotten vacation.

15. Go rollerblading

When you’re a kid: Race down his street and practice rolling backwards.

When you are an adult:Looking dumb with the pads on and busting your ass 47 times in 10 minutes.

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