Top 15 stingiest landlords in history

If you’ve already been shown the worst tenants in history who turn their apartment into a dump, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t hit the landlords either. Because yes, there is a category of landlords who want to store up so much money that they are ready to do anything to tease their tenants. They are also ready to do anything to spend as little as possible on repairs and maintenance. Lovely people actually. Welcome to the world of people who have money and refuse to let go.

1. He looks great this owner say so

“Has anyone ever had to return the deposit for an apartment?” A few months ago my long term tenants returned the apartment in surprisingly good condition and I racked my brains to find something they broke and couldn’t find a single fault with them ! I think it was because it was a new apartment, all the other properties I own are in an old building with things bound to break eventually. It made me wonder if investing in newer real estate was really worth it if in the end you don’t keep the tenant’s deposit. »

2. Oh manure

“Can my landlord charge me $50 a month to park on the street?

When I moved into my apartment I didn’t have a car but the owner told me that if I had one I could rent a place from him for $100/month or pay him $50/month for park on the street. I found it strange to pay him to park on the street so I saw directly with the city who charged me $40/year to park on the street. The owner saw me in my car and came to see me, he said I was supposed to go through him to get the pass. […] Is this normal? »

3. He is very strong

But also very stupid

4. It would be a disaster…

Leo Varadkar warns that implementing a rent freeze could create a ‘nightmare scenario’ in which landlords would be forced to sell their extra homes, which would then drive down housing prices allowing low-income people to become owners. »

5. It’s always fun

“I remember the time I moved out of my first studio and left a box of chocolates and coffee on the side as a gift for the janitor and was charged $20 for removing the remaining personal effects. »

6. The landlord wants to keep the landscaping of the tenant

I’ll give you a summary because it’s long, but you can read if you speak English: basically, the tenant says that over the years he landscaped the garden of the house he was renting and that he made it a great place. One day, his landlords said they were selling the house and asked him to move quickly. The tenant therefore moved, taking his garden facilities which belonged to him, and this infuriated the owners who said that they had put photos of the landscaped garden on the real estate ad. Basically, they wanted to keep all the stuff their tenant had added. The nerve.

7. Well let’s see

“My landlord wants me to pay for the repair of the medicine cabinet. It was loosely attached to the wall and broke when it fell on my head, which landed me in the hospital. »

8. Uh no it’s not done ma’am

“My tenant is behind on her rent so I steal her parcels”

9. At least he started with “dear”, that’s nice

“Dear residents,

From October 1, 2013, you will need to scan your card to use the elevator. The first 60 uses will be free and then it will be $35 per month. If you choose NOT to use this service, the stairs are always free. »

10. It costs less not to change it

The smoke detector is supposed to be replaced after 10 years and it was installed in 2002. The owner is just 9 years late.

11. What’s cool is that it’s discreet

“Here’s how my landlord fixed the water leak in the ceiling”

12. Treat the building? Too expensive

“My landlord painted over a fucking cockroach”

13. Owners are actually saviors

“Renting a property should give the right to a tax deduction. You’re helping someone who can’t afford their house to pay their mortgage. It’s a charitable donation. »

14. Little tip for you owners

“A Landlord Tries To Rent A Bathroom With A Desk In It As ‘Office Space'”

15. A Masterstroke

“That awkward moment when your ‘thermostat’ is actually just attached to a nail and doesn’t control the temperature at all. Big up to the best owners that ever existed. »

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