Top 15 stars who were cut in the editing, the balls

They spent time on a set, learned with zeal and conviction a convoluted and complex script, given of their person to satisfy the not always easy requirements of a megalomaniac and narcissistic director. damn wood)…

Lack of pot. They were eventually dropped from the script. Cut during editing, like ordinary slices of ham. It’s definitely not just for you and your rickety minimum wage that life is cruel…

1. Kevin Spacey, cut during the editing of All the Money in the World

Remember Kevin Spacey? This guy we loved so much in American Beauty and in his role as a bastard manipulation of House of Cards… Well, it turns out that since 2017 he has been accused of harassment and sexual assault and his career has come to a halt. When he had just shot in Ridley Scott’s new film, these revelations forced the director and the producers to erase him from the film, even if it meant reshooting the scenes in which he appeared, replaced by Christopher Plummer.

2. Tobey Maguire, cut during the editing of The Odyssey of Pi

In order to maintain an exclusively local touch within his Indian cast, Ang Lee, the director of Tiger and Dragon (2000) and Secret of Brokeback Mountain (2005) decides to purely and simply withdraw from the final cut the very famous Tobey Maguire, former interpreter of Spider-Man, precisely because of the too great celebrity of the actor… The latter would have shaded, according to the statements from the director, to the rest of the cast. Like what, being famous does not only bring advantages (apart from wealth, big houses, drugs that last the morning when you wake up and having a masseur at home).

3. Rachel Weisz, cut during the editing of To the Wonder

Terrence Malick’s feature film was finally made without the one who should have been one of the headliners, Rachel Weisz. She learned of his disappearance from the final cut just a few weeks before its broadcast… The author of tree of life (2011) and New world (2005), a great specialist in the genre as we will see.

4. Uma Thurman, cut in the edit of Savages

A book adaptation, a script much longer than expected, and here is Quentin Tarantino’s muse deprived of an appearance in Oliver Stone’s film and a prestigious return to the front of the stage, after the failures of the version of Bel-Ami (2012) by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod, or the very mediocre Percy Jackson (2010) by Chris Columbus.

5. Josh Brolin, Cut to the Editing of Welcome to Suburbicon

A blow for Josh. A blow also for George Clooney who had to announce to his friend that his scenes would all be cut: they were too comical compared to the rest of the film and that somewhat denoted the overall tone.

6. Gilles Lellouche, cut in the editing of Sherlock Holmes 2

He imagined himself following in the footsteps of Jean Dujardin by making a name for himself on the other side of the Atlantic/Channel by evolving alongside Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr., under the direction of Guy Ritchie… BAH NO. Gilles Lelouche does not even appear in the credits of the second adventures of Sherlock Holmes (2011). Like what, we can be called Gilles Lellouche and take zef.

7. Audrey Fleurot, cut during the editing of Midnight in Paris

Marion Cotillard, Léa Seydoux, Gad Elmaleh, Carla Bruni… but ultimately no Audrey Fleurot in the Parisian episode of Woody Allen’s European epic, she who was nevertheless promised a more substantial role. It is true that the actress of Engrenages only appears for a few seconds, playing, in the background, a party girl from the 1920s… What an extra. Big seum in perspective.

8. Liam Neeson, cut during the editing of Very Bad Trip 2

In the quirky and crazy nocturnal escapade of the second opus of very bad trip was supposed to appear a somewhat crazy tattoo artist, who would have taken it upon himself to remind the memory of the memoryless heroes of some of their disappointments of the day before… The producers, originally, had thought of Mel Gibson, but had quickly given it up in because of a few scandals that dragged him down (alcoholism, racist insults, etc.).

Liam Neeson finally got the role, but couldn’t shoot all of the planned scenes, retained on the set of Wrath of the Titans (2012). Suddenly, it is the actor / director Nick Cassavetes who finished the film, and who replaced Liam Neeson on the screens. A cut in the editing, therefore, but purely technical.

9. Danny De Vito, cut from editing Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

But where is the crafty merchant Oliveira de Figueira, Hergé’s brilliant invention who figures prominently in the adventures of Tintin? Cut to the Peter Jackson production edit, too. When we know that the eccentric character was to be interpreted by Danny De Vito, his epidermal gestures and his charismatic facial expressions, we say to ourselves that we still have the right to be disappointed…

10. Jessica Chastain, cut from editing My Life with John F. Donovan

It wasn’t against her, but it happened that way. Dolan cut it from his film justifying his choice as an editorial decision. I finally good. The balls still name a caribou.

11. Mélanie Doutey, cut during the editing of Les Infidèles

The actress had shot an entire sketch under the direction of Jan Kounen. But very trashy and completely out of step with the rest of the production, the segment will ultimately not be retained for the final cut. This did not prevent the film from entering the pantheon of the most beautiful film posters in history.

12. Adrien Brody, cut during the editing of La Ligne Rouge

Adrien Brody was to play one of the leading roles in Terrence Malick’s formidable war fresco on the Second World War. A minor appearance on screen at the very end of the film later, Adrien Brody only has his eyes to cry and the press to lament his cruel fate, he who claims to have put incredible energy into this film and to be deeply wounded psychologically by the turn of events.

13. Mickey Rourke, cut during the editing of La Ligne Rouge

One of the victims, again, of the uncontrollable Terrence Malick. In The Red line, Mickey Rourke had to play the role of a sniper, who ends up cracking on the battlefield in front of the too great surrounding pressure. His role, which the actor nevertheless considers to be the best of his career, will be completely cut by Malick… female dog of life.

14. Benicio Del Toro, cut in the editing of Song to Song

Guess who is still hiding behind all this? Malick, again and always him. Frankly if the guy calls me one day to shoot with him I say no djirekt.

15. Frank de Lapersonne, cut during the editing of Coexister

Good basic, we can not say that it is the most prestigious actor that we can integrate into a casting. Apart from the fact that he plays like a potato, this good old Frankie is one of the very rare actors to appear openly pro-RN which does not have much more to Fabrice Eboué, director of the film. He quickly decided to cut it in the editing after the actor went on stage at a meeting of the FN.

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