Top 15 stars who refuse to go on social networks (much like your mother)

Becoming famous redefines a bit the whole notion of private life that we had known until then and we cannot imagine what this way of life represents when we have the eyes of the whole world trained on us. In order to regain some privacy, some celebrities choose to live in remote places, to recharge their batteries as often as possible away from the spotlight or simply to avoid social networks. Finally, it’s not the only reason that keeps them away from these tools, but that we will see it together right away, you impatient bunch.

1. Daniel Radcliffe

Since the Harry Potter saga, the actor has been carrying out ambitious and offbeat projects, gradually managing to detach himself from this image of a little wizard. In an interview, he admitted to being terrified at the idea of ​​seeing the criticisms that Internet users could post about him, so he decided not to open Pandora’s box by refusing to create a Twitter account. He can do all the shit imaginable, since “Swiss Army Man” he got my eternal respect.

2. Scarlett Johansson

She revealed in 2011 that she did not want to open a Facebook or Twitter account to stupidly share stuff from her private life repeatedly. Can we say “amen” to this sentence? Since then she’s just been doing a few stints on the various platforms to see the Avengers memes, which frankly makes her even cooler. Aye I love it.

3. Brad Pitt

Good old Brad doesn’t really want to create a Twitter account either. He had confided that he saw the usefulness of the story thing to be able to respond to accusations of all kinds but that he would have preferred to create an account when he was younger. You say to yourself that he is not that old but he is still old enough to be the father of Jean Castex or something like that.

4.Jennifer Lawrence

In the successful young international star category, Lawrence is clearly on the podium. But she had already announced that she would never want to register on any social network, saying “if you see an account with my name it’s not mine”. Well obviously she doesn’t like networks because of people’s gratuitous meanness which now that I think about it is quite logical. After all, nobody likes that, do they?

5. George Clooney

Clooney is a man of common sense, which is why he said that for him people don’t really need to know what celebrities are up to all day long by following them on social media. He also added that social media is a good way to burn out his career by posting something sensitive or expressing himself badly, like these stars who blunder on twitter.

6. Emily Blunt

While she is not yet 40, Emily Blunt describes herself as a “dinosaur for social networks”. Obviously she doesn’t get much of it and leaves that to the young people (as she says). Good after she lets herself be photographed more and more by her husband John Krasinski since he, on the other hand, is very present on Instagram so it’s not impossible that she will end up getting into it too.

7.Robert Pattinson

By his own admission during an exchange with his fans on Reddit, Pattinson said he only thought about creating a social media account in his “darkest moments”. Good already that gives an idea of ​​his judgment on the subject. But a little later he also admitted to going on Twitter almost daily, probably with an anonymous account. If it turns out, he’s the fake account following you with an image of a hot girl you’ve never seen.

8. Kate Winslet

Of a relatively discreet nature, the talented Kate Winslet is quite happy that no one in her family has an account on social networks. She’s old-school Kate, so she wants to keep her kids from getting screwed over on the networks and that kind of stuff.

9. Bradley Cooper

This brave Bradley is not a huge fan of the networks either since he says that it is “a matter of taste”. Although he recognizes the qualities of these tools to promote films, works, music, he thinks that as an actor if we know too much about him it will be more difficult to forget his “true” personality when we will see him in a movie. He’s not stupid in addition to being handsome.

10. Emma Stone

For once Emma Stone is a little more critical of the networks than the other people in this top. By pointing to this “need to be liked, to be seen, to be validated” she depicts a way of life that she does not understand and (probably) does not like too much. Yeah, don’t get too hot on the subject obviously the Emma.

11. Benedict Cumberbatch

While he was at a convention to answer questions from his fans and when they asked him why he wasn’t on Twitter, he replied “you just want me to be there because I’m not there. If I had an account you would get bored. I can’t be concise when I express myself and that’s the goal of Twitter. And at the same time, it’s not untrue that people who make threads of 40 tweets suck.

12. Mila Kunis

“What I do and who I am are two different things. For me it is very important to separate these two things. “So here is the lesson of wisdom from Mila who clearly wants to keep her private life to herself, which we can only understand.

13. Jake Gyllenhaal

In the category stars with a deep philosophical thought, the talented Jake said while admitting to staying away from social networks “For me it is the product of being consumed by your smartphone. Everyone is looking down and no one is looking up. I leave you to ponder this piece of wisdom.

14. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is the most beautiful person of humanity: talented, humble, generous… And he refuses to come on social networks for the simple and good reason that he likes his private life and that he feels that he does not there’s “nothing interesting to share” about his life. What to give a lesson in humility to your old college friends who post 800 photos of their kids a day.

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