Top 15 stars where we would be super disappointed if they were mean

There are celebrities who are really uncool with their fans, or who make real asshole moves. For most of them, we are not totally surprised. On the other hand, if the people in this top turned out to be real jerks, there… Not sure that our hearts would hold out. Yes, this top is entirely subjective. But I’m sure deep down, we all agree.

1. Keanu Reeves

How could he be mean? He’s adorable with his fans, too nice on film sets, and the guy actually donated 70% of his fee for Matrix 4 in favor of the fight against cancer. Really, if this guy is mean, well… Wow. Shock. Besides, we had already released the proof that Keanu Reeves is a very beautiful person.

2. Tom Hanks

The guy is H24 nice with strangers, for free, like that. Just for the pleasure of pleasing. When he plays a role in the cinema, we can’t manage to hate the character. This guy is unquestionably exceptionally awesome. I’m just exaggerating.

3. Faustine Bollaert

Clearly the face of French television’s gentleness, benevolence and delicacy. Faustine makes us cry, smile and deep down, we would like to be friends with her. It’s clearly the girl who is always there for you, who gives you free little compliments and who always finds the most delicate words. We love you Faustina. Let’s be friends, Faustine.

4. Olivier Minne

My first is muscular.

My second is discreet.

My everything is a small summary of kindness in a Fort in the open sea.

I am, I am… Olivier Minne, of course.

5. Julia Vignali

Clearly the twin sister of Faustine Bollaert in terms of kindness, gentleness and benevolence. Julia, we can also be friends if you want.

6. Ryan Reynolds

In addition to being funny, undeniably ultra handsome, Ryan Reynolds has a heart on his sleeve. He does not hesitate to respond to his fans on social networks, or to approach them in real life. This guy has it all. And his wife is just as crazy. They are perfect. Leave some for others, though.

7. Blake Lively

She’s funny, stylish, beautiful as the day, friendly… She’s perfect. Just perfect. Impossible that this woman has an ounce of wickedness in her. We are torn between admiration and deep jealousy.

8. Emma Watson

She’s smart, too beautiful, feminist, committed… In short, Emma is the icon of a whole generation. An icon who wears benevolence and respect on her face. We love it. Strong.

9. Ed Sheeran

No, but look at this little face of love! Mougnoumougnoumougnou! Impossible for a nasty word to come out of this mouth. IMPOSSIBLE.

10. Alain Chabat

Alain Chabat is a genius of humor, but that’s not all! He is also a benevolent, positive guy, who is around 12 years old in his head and who accompanied our childhood. If Chabat turns out to be, in reality, a huge asshole, I assure you that I am capable of a big crying fit. Chabat can only be nice, okay?

11. Robin Williams (posthumously)

Look at that sweet face. Rarely seen so much cuteness in one person. In addition to having been an outstanding actor, to have made the whole world cry the day of his disappearance, he was also a person that we could only love. Take a good look at her laughing little eyes, her shy little smile, and dare to tell me otherwise.

12. Gina Rodriguez

It’s all in the smile. This chick is solar. In the series “Jane the Virgin”, her character wears her heart on her sleeve. Well, note that in real life, his interpreter is just as generous! At the time of the 2018 Emmys, she preferred to donate the envelope originally planned for the campaign, to finance the studies of an undocumented high school student. A huge heart, we tell you!

13. Nikos

He is one of the few TV hosts for whom we feel real sympathy. The guy made himself, he is known to everyone and is hard at work, he certainly has a well-inflated bank account, and yet he remains humble. In short, he’s a nice guy.

14. Stromae

According to the Obs, “Stromae is like peace, sun and warm towels in Asian restaurants, everyone thinks well. », and it is true. Stromae touches our hearts, addresses difficult subjects publicly, and handles the language as few are able to do. He’s such an endearing guy that you can’t imagine for a second that he could be mean.

15. Harry Style

We already explained to you by A+B why it is obligatory to worship this guy. He is benevolent, he publicly supports the LGBTQ+ community, he pisses off all the toxic clichés of masculinity,… An icon, as hot as he is nice. Without a doubt.

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