Do you remember the worst songs from last year? Well again for 2022, we’re going to tell you about the songs we’re ashamed to have listened to this year and especially to have listened to so much (we don’t thank Spotify’s abominable wrap for that). Don’t pretend, we know you know at least one and it didn’t reach your ears by chance.

The bad songs that stick in your head

Click click pan pan by Yanns

Probably the best and the worst song of the year at the same time. The rhythm is catchy, the lyrics are stupid and it stays in your head for 6 months.

Best Life of Naps and Gims

A beautiful song where Gims and Naps tell us what it’s like to live the life of a rapper with money based on walkabouts and selfies in Puerto Rico. We can seriously identify.

Sweetly from Soolking

sweetly, it’s a little remix of the summer as we like. It doesn’t eat bread (probably because it’s music and music doesn’t eat, it’s not actually living beings).


La Marseillaise by Heuss L’Enfoiré and Ninho

The guys wanted to steal the slot from Vegedream and prepared their move a year in advance to swing the lease at the start of the World Cup. Good game.

PS: I love you by Christophe Willem

A very beautiful shitty song that we discovered in the Star Ac. Poto Christophe Willem came to sing a duet with a random guy and even if we were ashamed, we loved it.

Everything is fine from Alonzo, Ninho and Naps

A song as quickly heard as it is forgotten, no one remembers it but it is the most listened to song of the summer in France. A real robbery.

The songs we listened to too much until we got sick of them

Die de Gazo

A very good song with lyrics that mean nothing and improbable rhymes (the guy still managed to rhyme “bail” with “see”). The real problem is that we listened to it over and over until we were fed up.

Time Time by Squeezie, Myd and KronoMuzik

Unsurprisingly, the parody song by Squeezie and his friends has become cult and has been on the airwaves (I’m 70 years old). As we always abuse good things, we listened to it a bit too much and now we can’t take it anymore.

As It Was by Harry Styles

PLEASE STOP! We love you Harry, that’s not the problem, but it really has to stop.


Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush

It’s not that the song is bad, it’s really really cool. We’re just ashamed of being influenced to the point of listening to a series song over and over just because it’s the favorite song of a depressed red-haired teenager who wears ugly fleeces.

The song of shit of Juss in New school

The song is called Habibi and we all wanted to hear it again when the jurors happily laughed at Juss. He deserves this boob.

The songs we listened to because of TikTok

jiggle jiggle

In 2022, the English journalist Louis Theroux is interviewed by an actress for his web-series Chicken Shop Date. The actress asks him if Louis remembers his rap performance from 2000 and the guy immediately starts rapping. The duo Duke & Jones create a version with autotune that goes viral on TikTok and here is the story of jiggle jiggle.

It’s Corn

If you’ve never heard this song, it’s a sign that you should subscribe to TikTok. It’s simply a remixed version of the interview of a little corn-loving boy, we love it.

Abcdefu de Gayle

At the end of 2021, singer Gayle posts a TikTok where she asks people to comment on random phrases with which she will write a song. It gave Abcdefu and even if we liked it, it’s time for this song to die.

Oh no by Capone


That’s it, you have it in your head.

And you, what are the songs that you’re really ashamed of having listened to and that you really can’t hear anymore? Like you’d rather eat a bucket of vomit than listen to them again.