Top 15 songs that we all sang as children without realizing that they were about ass

There are lots of songs about ass, and that doesn’t particularly bother us since we’re adults and we’re able to understand the meaning. The problem is, when we were kids, we listened to those same songs without having any fucking idea what they meant. We asked you to tell us the songs you used to sing as children on Facebook and Twitterand there’s no denying it, your childhood was anything but innocent.

1. Manon’s song:

Topito’s comment : It seems that that day the store recorded a record for condom sales: no one wanted a child anymore.

2. The LoO song:

Topito’s comment : Thank you, I have it in my head now and I can’t even sing it otherwise my colleagues might find me very embarrassing.

3. May’s song:

Topito’s comment : “Bravo Franky, I feel your currants”, or how French song reaches the pinnacle of poetry.

4. ChapiiChapoo’s song:

Topito’s comment : We think of a whole generation of Etienne(s) who had to go through very difficult times because of this song.

5. Song of Oye:

Topito’s comment : I’m shocked I only just found out that this song had a sexual meaning. I understand better the part about the notary who took out his gun to fire a shot now.

6. Fox’s Song_666:

Topito’s comment : Yes he was not in finesse Carlos but yet we were above it.

7. Thomas’ song:


8. The Magic Flute song:

Topito’s comment : At the same time it is written “SEX” in the title, you should still have guessed it, right?

9. InspectNeant’s song:

Topito’s comment : No thanks.

10. Nasty Songs:

Topito’s comment : Ouh I strongly feel the discomfort, I’m sorry for you. What idea at the same time to put the word “fellatio” in a song, and why not ZIGOUNETTE while we’re at it?

11. Simon’s Songs:

“Oh, almost all of my repertoire: Martiniquaise by Soldat Louis, The doll that does no by Polnareff, Suite sud armoricaine by Stivell,…”

Topito’s comment : Basically, a whole childhood deprived of its innocence. Poor Simon.

12. Lucie’s children’s songs:

“Our children dance to Keen’v’s ‘fairy tales’ and our son sings ‘my favorite thing is fellatio'”

Topito’s comment : I imagine the scene and I really want to hide.

13. Mathieu’s song

“William Baldé’s Rayon de soleil… I got yelled at every time I hummed it and I didn’t understand why until years later…”

Topito’s comment : At the same time, the “my hand on your little ass is looking for the way” in the mouth of a child is very disturbing.

14. Jerome’s songs:

“Doc Gyneco, the first consultation album…”

: So there yes, this album is composed of 99% ass, it should be limited to the ban for those under 18 years old.

“I come and go, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin… to say that my mother let me sing that…”

: I have just contacted the social services, they are going to carry out an investigation in your family.

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