Top 15 secrets well hidden by hairdressers, a beautiful profession

This week, we felt in a curious mood, and we decided to carry out a very big investigation with our community of hairdressers, to reveal the darkest secrets of the profession (well ok, we just made a call to contrib). I hope you are sitting well, some truths may make your hair stand on end! Don’t go ruffling your bun with your hairdresser, or graying your hair before your next appointment: these secrets are only true for a handful of them. Yes, here it is: for three peeled and one shorn. Come on, I’ll let you tear your hair out reading this top, which, without a doubt, will put you in a good mood.

1. They don’t particularly appreciate being given carte blanche

We know, you wanted to do well and let your hairdresser know how much you trusted in his talents. It’s nice, but in the end, it’s more a source of stress than anything else for our fifou scissors. Ah bah must say that if you do not like it, they have all the responsibility for this failure on their own shoulders, what.

2. Some hairdressers keep very very very complete client files

While some are satisfied with the four basic pieces of information (first name, last name, age and contact details), others push the trick a little further by keeping relatively intimate information. Like… Your favorite drink, the magazine you like to read the most, whether you’re used to tipping or not, your little passions… Something to talk to you about the next time, as if we don’t had never forgotten you. Ouch, a truth that hurts, there.

3. “The same color as last time? Impossible, it was a mix of tube bottoms”

Your hairdresser will never tell you, but the colors you are given are sometimes a somewhat haphazard mix, clearly impossible to reproduce. He will also never tell you that he squeezed his ass and crossed his fingers really hard after the break, so your hair wouldn’t come out green.


You mention your cat’s death to your hairdresser in the middle of your brushing, and he answers you with a “Ah yes? Ahahahah” and a big smile? Don’t blame him, he doesn’t hear you and tries to stay polite so as not to offend you!

Top 15 secrets well hidden by hairdressers, a beautiful profession

5. They don’t change the temperature of the water

“You tell me if it’s too hot, huh… Ah? It’s too hot ?? Ah bah it’s stupid, huh! Hehe! “When you’re in the shampoo tub, not all hairdressers really change the temperature of the water, even if they kinda do. Shocked, disappointed.

6. Sometimes they let you put on a treat to have time for a coffee.

Well yeah, but you shouldn’t make an appointment at 8am, too.

7. Sometimes even they find it ugly

They will never tell you “Ah, yeah… No… This haircut doesn’t suit you AT ALL! but I assure you that they are no less convinced. Don’t be fooled, if someone says to you “oh noooo, but it just takes time to get used to it”, it’s wrong. It’s just that it’s ugly.

Top 15 secrets well hidden by hairdressers, a beautiful profession

8. They watch what you do on your phone when they’re behind you

You are also looking! The guy is standing behind you, looking down on your screen. This is clearly not the time to open stuff that is too confidential.

9. Not all towels are completely clean

It could be that some professionals use the same towel to dry 2 or 3 heads… Hygiene or ecology, we can’t always have it all!

10. They put on gloves to shampoo the filthiest

If your hairdresser washes other clients’ hair with his bare hands, but he puts on gloves to take care of your mop of hair… Ask yourself the right questions.

Top 15 secrets well hidden by hairdressers, a beautiful profession

11. The price of a treatment is more expensive than the whole bottle

Okkkkk, we add labor, but still. Some people do well well well well well.

12. Besides, some products they sell you aren’t really useful.

Noooo, you don’t need a $54 shampoo. Stop. Yes, I know, your hair needs maintenance, and you have to avoid chemical-laden supermarket products. On the other hand, a little organic shampoo in a drugstore combined with one treatment per week will do theaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ​​

13. They don’t give a damn about your problems.

They’re polite and pretend to be interested, but pay a little closer attention to the front and you’ll see that it says “Hairdresser”, not “Psych”. (With a little luck, there will even be written “Coiff’hair”).

Top 15 secrets well hidden by hairdressers, a beautiful profession

14. Neck Brooms Could Kill

Do you have any idea how many sweaty necks they swept away during the day? If it’s passed on to you very quickly, it’s perhaps so that you simply don’t have time to smell the good little smell that emanates from it, hihi.

15. They take advantage of the noise of the hair dryer to drop crates

I have no proof of what I’m saying, but clearly… Me, that’s what I would do.

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