Top 15 recent movies that will be cinema classics in 25 years

Sometimes, certain works take time to find their audience and resonate in people’s minds, becoming cult, symbolic or classic over time. Sometimes it is also about works which as of their exits are praised by the press and the public and which years later enjoy the same fame. It was the subject of a Reddit forum and a question you were asked on Facebook and we’ll see which recent films will be classics in 25 years.

1. What We Do In the Shadows

Present in the first answers of the forum this film is a frankly funny comedy on a roommate of vampires. If you’ve never seen it and you like the absurd, jump on this little New Zealand masterpiece full of completely hilarious scenes, you won’t regret it. Ok it really looks like I’m presenting this to you as a car salesman but frankly it’s worth it.


Unsurprisingly, the film based on the most iconic comic book villain with the talented Joaquin Phoenix in the title role should continue to resonate in people’s minds for a few years from now and we may even be entitled to a sequel, which would be nice if it is of the same quality, or if he teams up with a crazy character, like Laurent Baffie for example.

3. Gone Girl

David Fincher’s hypnotizing and dizzying thriller could well remain in the list of references of the genre. Starting from Gillian Flynn’s novel, Fincher signs one of his finest achievements with an impeccable cast, a neat staging and a Ben Affleck in his shirt who drinks a lot of coffee, the sufficient ingredients to make a good film.

4. Mad Max: Fury Road

Pure action, it’s very simple, it almost never stops farting in all directions for more than two hours. Incredible images, breathtaking scenes, big cars and lots of sand, in short, in 25 years we are still talking about it.

5. Django Unchained

We’ve been waiting for Tarantino to finally make a western for a while and suddenly you also voted for this film. There aren’t many things to say about the film, all the actors do the job really well, especially Samuel L. Jackson who remains incredible. Bloodshed in all directions, horses, an eclectic soundtrack and DiCaprio in a villainous role: it is likely to be remembered.

6. First Contact

Denis Villeneuve at the top of his game gives an ambitious and above all terribly original SF film. Rather than placing the idea of ​​alien invasion on a belligerent axis, he decides to dwell on the simple yet important subject of dialogue with creatures. An idea still rarely discussed which suddenly remains a new reference of the genre that we add to this list.

7. Interstellar

Many of you voted for this movie I was telling you about, giving you proof that Interstellar is a crap movie. You did not listen to me and you were right, suddenly it is very likely that in 25 years this film will still be in the list of classics, even if it is downright worse than Mars Attack.

8. Parasitic

The big sensation that had won the unanimous approval of critics and spectators until winning the Palme d’Or and the Oscar for best film in 2019 should indeed remain on the list for 25 years. If you watch it in original version and like me you don’t know Korean, don’t hesitate to put the subtitles on, otherwise it’s still quite inaccessible, I had a hard time with my first viewing.

9. Ex Machina

This film comes up a few times on the Reddit forum and frankly it is quite powerful. If you like behind closed doors like Jean-Paul Sartre and Black Mirror atmospheres, you can clearly start watching this captivating film during which you will not know what to think and will ask yourself the question “but what is it is who is telling the truth in the end? Yeah, you’ll talk weird during the movie.


Many of you have cited this James Cameron film whose sequel takes longer to arrive than the end of One Piece, which is a feat. Blue men, Michelle Rodriguez, wicked soldiers, people who put their hair in horses (or the opposite), all in 3D at the cinema with a good big slap, in short, inevitably we will continue to talk about it.

11. Logan

In the category of superhero films, never had a component been as dark and violent as this one. A stark, dark conclusion for the adamantine-clawed hero that many fans voted to make it to this list. We must admit that its atmosphere denotes with what we normally saw in this genre and that the little side “The Last Of Us” was welcome.

12. No country for old men

It’s hard not to find a Coen brothers film in this top and obviously the most voted in the list on Reddit is this one. And at the same time, with this incredible manhunt, guys with checkered shirts and Javier Bardem shooting birds with his weird weapon, it’s still worth a place here, not to mention the heads or tails scene completely cult.

13. Heredity

Oh dear how it seems that he freaks out this film that I haven’t seen yet because I’m a big freak. In any case, it appears quite often in the horror films mentioned and obviously it’s worth a look, so I can’t wait to see it and pee on myself.

14.Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

Frankly, whether you like superheroes or not, you have to admit that this one ranks among the top of the top animated films of all time. The image is absolutely amazing, beautiful, in direct tone with the comics, in short it’s a killer and it’s probably the best Spiderman movie of all time and there are more than 13,000 people who voted for it on the Reddit forum so they must be right.

15. Kaamelott, first part

Ok, it hasn’t been released yet, ok, us fans do a little too much sometimes but I don’t want to hear anything, it’s going to be a killer and in 25 years it will be just as cult as the series. You will see, you other skeptics who think that to make a good film you must have actors who pretend to limp and a stupid scenario where everyone is crying because there is not enough quiche at the family reunion. Xavier Dolan this synopsis is for you, gift.

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