Top 15 proofs that you are not yet quite an adult (but almost)

Coming of age is a stressful and exciting time; we become independent and we start making daron decisions. Of course, it’s not a question of age; it can happen both at 18 and at 35 years old. If you are in this blurry period between adolescence and daronnerie, congratulations: you are almost an adult.

1. You hang up your laundry as soon as the machine is finished but you leave the laundry dry for 10 days on the drying rack

You always conscientiously do the laundry so as not to have to put on a bathing suit as an underwear, but you wonder if all the steps are really mandatory. Already, ironing the clothes is out of the question, but you can even leave them on the drying rack and use them until the next wash.

2. You sort your waste well but there are 90% glass bottles

You are a responsible adult who loves his planet and dreams of a happy future for all the bastards of this world. So, you sort your waste well by asking yourself if the yoghurt pot can be recycled and if the caps should be left on the Coke bottles. When you finally take out the bins, you realize that the recycling consists of 90% beer bottles and 10% Deliveroo bags.

3. You always get a little excited when your grandma gives you a ticket for no reason.

Normally, being an adult means being completely financially independent. But you’re still not going to say no when grandma discreetly gives you a 20 note.

4. You wash your hands with dish soap

Having hand soap in the bathroom AND in the kitchen and remembering to buy more when it’s gone is a level of daring that some will never reach.

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5. You complain about gas prices but your parents always pay for insurance

If you live in town and you only use your car when you go to your parents, we know that it is not you who pays for the insurance. At the same time, it’s way too expensive.

6. You always apply yourself a little when you have to sign a document

True adults never think about their signature aesthetic; moreover, their signature no longer resembles anything and sometimes changes from one document to another. If you haven’t reached this stage yet, you’re still almost an adult.

7. You’re disgusted when you make a cake and your kid asks to lick the spoon

This is probably the biggest injustice in this world. The child just cracked an egg and stirred the mixture a little while you’re going to bang all the dishes and it’s him who should lick the spoon of chocolate and scour the dish with his finger? It doesn’t happen.

8. There are still lines on your payslip that you don’t understand

You fly over the sheet to check the net after tax and that’s it. No need to understand what “non-deductible CRDS” or whatever means, it’s far too boring.

9. Teenagers sometimes ask you if you can pass them a cigarette by calling you “sir” or “ma’am”.

If you were a real adult with a suit or a business suit and a kid clinging to your arm, the teenagers would never dare tax you for a cigarette; it is a proof that you are not yet old. But in any case, the “sir / madam” coming from a high school student hurts the heart.

10. You decorate your apartment with beautiful posters but you’re too lazy to frame them.

Buying frames is a leap into the adult world. We will have to mentally prepare ourselves to bear the amazed looks of old people who will find that “it still feels cleaner”.

Top 15 proofs that you are not yet quite an

11. You buy vegetables that you let mold in your fridge

The first time you buy more than three different vegetables at the same time, you really feel like an adult. The problem is that buying them doesn’t mean you’ll have the motivation to cook them. A week later, they are still in the vegetable bin awaiting death.

12. You only use one button on your microwave and washing machine.

Who has the time and energy to read appliance user manuals, frankly? If you always use the same programs, you avoid having to worry.

13. You roll your eyes when your mom says “we’re taking a serious photo now” on vacation.

Even if you think you’re an adult, you still find it boring to take group photos where everyone is smiling silly while standing up straight. So you improvise and you make funny faces or poses until a funny daron demands “at least one serious photo”.

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14. You bought a bike helmet but you’re too lazy to put it on.

Entering adulthood also means trying to be responsible in order to look good. The problem is that we are quickly discouraged because it’s really too bad to wear a bicycle helmet.

15. You cut your bracelet as soon as the festival is over.

There are student things to stop doing after a certain age and keeping festival wristbands for 3 months is one of them. It’s dirty, it’s not nice and it really looks like you’re trying to prove something. It’s gonna be alright buddy, cut that bracelet off now.