Top 15 phrases to say to annoy a Lyonnais

The easiest way to unpin a Lyonnais is to talk to him about Saint-Étienne, the rivalry with OM, or their inferiority complex vis-à-vis the capital. That and a few other subjects on which it is better not to tickle them too much…

1. “You know me Lyon, apart from the Fourvière tunnel! »

Undoubtedly the most visited monument in France during the summer transhumance!

2. “Sorry, I’m vegan!”

Saying that in the capital of Gratton is hot. Difficult to make more meaty than the Lyonnais. Vegetables aren’t really their thing, except to accompany a good civet or at the limit one or two lettuce leaves to decorate a plate of Lyon rosettes!

3. “2 hours from the mountains, the sea and Paris, in fact Lyon is in the middle of nowhere!”

2 hours is the time it takes a Parisian to get home after work. It helps to relativize!

4. “Place Bellecour: the largest useless square in Europe”

It is also the largest bowling green in Europe, a track for racing Segways, or improvising a clay tennis court… and all that right in the city centre!

5. “Velo’v, metro… you can see that Lyon is copying everything from Paris!”

Except that in reality, it is often the opposite! The Velo’V was launched before the Parisian Velib, drawing inspiration from the Nantes Bicloos. Ditto for the metro, with the ficelles, ancestors of the metro, which first saw the light of day in Lyon in 1862 on the heights of the hills of Fournière and Croix-Rousse! Even Gérard Colomb, Paris tried to steal it from us!

6. “In Lyon, if you don’t have triplets, you’ve wasted your life!”

And if possible, all blond and dressed with the same panoply!

7. “Génésio, Rudi Garcia… you like the beautiful game in Lyon”

And the titles? 7 in a row! Even if it’s been a long time, we too can claim “Never the first!” “.

8. “Lyon is known to be a landmark for fachos”

A few fanatics with short-sighted ideas do not weigh heavily against the history of the Lyonnais on the front line to resist extremist temptations.

9. “Apart from women’s football, there is no level in sport in Lyon”

ASVEL in basketball, LOU in rugby, OL semi-finalists in the last football Champions League… isn’t that enough for you?

10. “At least in Saint-Étienne, they have a Zénith!”

Instead, Lyon has a Roman theater and its crazy Fournière nights. And it’s still much classier! Not forgetting the Transbordeur, the Ninkasi, the Halle Tony Garnier, or the Groupama Stadium for stars who feel cramped in a small Zénith!

11. “The Lyonnais are stuck”

Benjamin Biolay is much more of a joker than it seems! Even more limited than Lyonnais puppets such as Florence Foresti, Alexandre Astier, Jhon Rachid or Amixem, well known for being big party poopers.

12. “Lyon in summer, it’s as hot as Marrakesh and New Delhi combined”

We call it low-cost travel, or how to feel like you’re on vacation while staying at home.

13. “The capital of tacos is Grenoble!”

Except that the French tacos were born in Vaulx-en-Velin in the inner suburbs of Lyon. But it’s well known that Lyon’s gastronomy has always been well exported abroad!

14. “OL’s only star is Jean-Michel Aulas, the most famous troll in French football”

Without forgetting Juninho, Karim Benzema, Houssem Aouar, Anthony Martial, Ben Arfa, or even the huge Steed Malbranque… a nice skewer of branquignoles!

15. “Lyon is Paris less well”

It is undoubtedly for this reason that each year, more and more Parisians flee the capital to join that of the Gauls!

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