Top 15 photos of guys who don’t understand women

Even though people with intelligence and humanity desire gender equality, there are undeniably differences between men and women. These differences are of course physiological and we can each get to know the other by getting a little information. But some men still have a lot of trouble with the female anatomy and talk a lot, a lot of bullshit on the net. It’s always a pleasure to see.

1. This guy for whom there are double standards

“Armpit hair is unhealthy for women, and it’s a sign of poor health. »

So in men it’s okay but in women it’s medically dangerous? Practice as an excuse.

2. He doesn’t believe it

“What’s worse than having your heart broken?”

_ Menstrual pain, living on the streets, being hungry, etc.

_ As a man, I think period pain is a myth. »

3. HUH?

“_ Why do women want to be shirtless so much?

_ Because there are double standards: men can be shirtless without any problem and women can’t when they just have nipples like men.

_ Our breasts are flat and yours are round. Ours don’t have milk (we have it elsewhere) while yours do. »

Excuse me, but what is this milk story?

4. Surely at least one person has already believed it

“I didn’t know about the mascara. I thought girls cried ink like calamari. »

5. We have an anatomy pro here

“_ It’s been a year since I made this announcement so I think it’s time for the annual reminder: we don’t pee through our vaginas. Thank you for listening to my lecture, see you next year.

_ Well, you surely don’t pee through your ass (you’re talking about that maybe lol) which leaves only the vagina, unless there is a third hole somewhere to urinate. »

(Yes, there is a third hole).

6. Fragile Man Alert

“_ When you get out of the shower on your period, it’s a race between you, time and gravity.

_ You do not shower with your menstrual protections? It’s disgusting”

7. Ohlala where does he come from?

“I have just learned that in the blood of the periods there are small pieces of dead baby. How do girls put up with this and act like it’s normal? I’m not against the rules but hey I can’t understand. »

No, you can’t understand AT ALL.

8. Do you have trouble giving an orgasm? make excuses

“Do women actually have orgasms? There’s no physiological evidence for that. For men it’s clear, of course, but not so much for women. One thing is clear, women are told they are SUPPOSED to have an orgasm. Maybe this is an unreasonable myth? That would explain why so many women are sexually “unsatisfied.” Maybe because they expect the same thing to happen to them as to men. Maybe women’s sexual experience is different from men’s? I will investigate the matter further. »

9. A question we all ask ourselves (no)

“Women, how often do you trim your clitoris? Or do you let it grow? »

10. It still smells fragile here

“Women who are virgins at the time of marriage divorce less than others. With each new sexual partner, the likelihood of them divorcing increases exponentially. There is scientific evidence that shows that women’s ability to secrete dopamine is directly related to the number of sexual partners they have. In other words, if a woman has had too many sex partners, she won’t be able to love you. »

11. A woman who menstruates is a wonderwoman.

“No, women physically cannot bleed elsewhere when they have their period! For example, if they cut themselves while on their period, the cut will not bleed! It’s a superpower and women should be more grateful to have their period! »

12. This Is Scary

“_ Push your period outside

_ That’s not how it works.

_ That is to say ? Can’t you push on your uterus? By contracting yourself? You can not ?

_ Nope. »

13. Girls is kind of The Thing actually

“My uncle explains to me, in my last year of genetic engineering, that preferring to have a son rather than a daughter is not sexist, because “Boys carry most of the genetic components of the family line” and “A girl’s genetic code changes when she marries another family. » I am impressed. »

14. If your friends talk like that, change your friends

“I’m sorry brother

_ She lied, she was not a virgin lol

_ She told you afterwards?

_ It was super wide.

“Dude, that’s not how vaginas work. »

15. For the last time, NO

“Men like to put the body part they pee with in the body part women pee with”

Women still don’t pee through the vagina, sorry.

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