Top 15 people who shouldn’t be bosses

Sometimes you seriously wonder how people got to where they are. When my father drives, for example, I wonder where he got his driver’s license. In the business world, it’s the same. It happens that some people have managed to climb the ladder to the position of boss, while they do not seem to have the fiber… Yes, I am talking about the following 15 people.

2. The one who withholds “gifts” from his employees’ pay

It’s a bit like asking twenty euros to your better half to offer him the restaurant, what. This boss is most likely a good buddy of the boss just above.

3. The one who does not take care of his employees’ gifts

Hence the fact of never offering gifts to your boss. Instead, bring pancakes to your colleagues, you will be less disappointed.

4. The boss who eats his employees’ food

“I brought pecan pie to work. By noon she was gone. I found it a few hours later in my boss’s office. SO, if you’re bringing pancakes to your co-workers, make sure your boss doesn’t see them.

5. The boss who makes his employees work during confinement, to fix his own things

“On the first day of UK lockdown, fixing your boss’ car is ‘essential work’, who knew? “Well yeah, but he has to be able to escape to his country villa with a body worthy of the name, anyway…

6. The foreseeing boss, too cute

“Hey, your pay is higher than it should be. They messed up and gave you someone else’s raise (…) I’m sorry, they’ll deduct the amount from you on your next pay. Plan accordingly. “Ah well at least, it’s nice to warn…… Too bad I just bought a scooter with the increase. Lol.

7. The boss who gives an allergic employee a peanut birthday cake

“I’m allergic to peanuts, which everyone in my office knows. EVERY TIME my boss buys desserts (even for my birthday), she takes them with peanuts…” Come on, a pastry bought, a trip to the emergency room offered! It’s a gift, it’s the boss who treats, yihaaaa!

8. The one who puts design before comfort

“The boss didn’t like the color of the chairs in the break room. So now we just don’t have a chair. Ah well, that’s what you call being pragmatic, huh…

9. The boss who ensures the quality of employees’ work tools

“I haven’t been to work for a day, and my boss has replaced my big screen, which I use to prototype and engrave on products, with this very small screen.” Ah, no doubt it’s fun. It’s like going from a state-of-the-art MacBook Air to a 15-kilogram old PC. A return to basics, in short.

10. The one that completely replaces work desks with chests of drawers

“I came to work to find my boss dumped everyone’s desks, and replaced them with dressers, a glass plate and bar chairs. “Very upcycling, we love it.

11. The one who puts the safety of his employees first

“My boss thought it would be a good idea to play ‘Drag Racing’. On his iPad. Driving a truck. On the highway. ” I do not have the words.

12. One who respects road users

“If you park like that… You’re my boss, so I can’t say anything.” If you park like that, you’re mostly an ill-mannered asshole, yes.

13. The boss who gives his employees absolutely no disrespectful assignments

“My boss ordered a box of 6,000 pepper sachets instead of a shaker. So, now, I find myself spending my Saturday cutting the sachets for the seasoning of the burgers”. Nameless recognition for its employees.

14. The one who is clearly angry with math (and labor law, hehe)

“For any minute you are late for work, you will be asked to stay for work 10 minutes after 6 p.m. For example, if you arrive at 10:02 a.m., you will have to give an extra 20 minutes, until 6:20 p.m.

15. The boss who has a little problem with refusal


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