Top 15 people who self-clash and it’s still very funny

If I had to rank the three most important qualities that a human must have in life, I would say: knowing how to cook pasta al dente, loving rock’n’roll, and having a great sense of self-mockery. . The people you are going to see in this top have at least this last quality for them. Suddenly, they are able to clash themselves and make everyone around them laugh without losing a single point of charisma. You do not believe me ? Well already, I want to ask you why, but otherwise I just tell you to look at the evidence:

1. Bad, but less bad than them

“I love people who believe the earth is flat, because even though I’m a failure, there are always people who are even more disappointing than me. »

2. She started it

“Fat chicks wearing crop tops look like Winnie the Pooh”

“I could lose weight and look good in a crop top if I knew how to walk the distance between your two eyebrows. »

3. It has the merit of being honest

“In all honesty, Brits couldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving because if we had to take a day off to celebrate the anniversary of every time we screwed up an indigenous people and ruined our country, we’d never have to go to work. . »

4. The second clash cancels the first

“Do you have to be fun in the evening? »

“If I was having fun at parties, I wouldn’t be hanging out on Reddit. »

5. There are always people dumber than you

“At the gym I said ‘subscription’ instead of ‘membership’ and the girl replied: ‘lol it’s not a pharmacy here’. Girl you talk about “prescription”, we are both stupid. »

6. James Blunt still the best at clashing with finesse

Matt: “I can’t believe it, I really like James Blunt’s new album. What’s happening to me? »

James Blunt: “It’s called menopause, Matt. »

7. Afterwards, you really have to want to sleep with anyone

“She didn’t want the gratin dauphinois because she ‘doesn’t like fish’. That’s when I knew she was dumb enough to want to sleep with me. »

8. A very well brought clash

“The Earth is flat”

“And I have a girlfriend”

“Oh I’m happy for you”

“No, we’re both lying. »

9. Superb technique

“If a guy starts a rumor that he slept with you and you deny it, people won’t believe you. Instead, just say, “Yeah, that was really bad, and he accidentally called out his mom’s name.” » »

10. It’s reassuring after all

Question on Reddit: “Forum scientists, what scary scientific discoveries are unknown to the general public?” »

Answer: “Super gonorrhea” is resistant to most major antibiotics […] it constantly mutates to resist their effects. There have been several cases of super gonorrhea reported in Australia, England etc. »

Comment: “You probably have to sleep with someone to get her, so most of us are safe. »

11. Very sad, but still very funny

“What happens to men who spend their lives never having known the simple embrace of a woman? Do they turn into a shrunken moldy envelope? »

“They post here. »

12. Seen in a demonstration against global warming

“The planet is almost as hot as my imaginary guy. »

13. The insult that hurts

“Insult Me”

“You look like a girl who might want to date me”

“Oh that’s hard”

14. The most important thing is to know what you are worth in life

“I’m instantly drawn to people with bad tattoos because it shows they can live with a mistake, and dating me would be a mistake. »

15. The funniest person on Tinder

“If you have your height in your bio you’re probably ugly.

1m60. »

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