Top 15 People Who Got Broiled Lying

Contrary to what one might think, it’s not just politicians who lie (it denounces). Humans like you and me are sometimes capable of outright lying and it’s always funny when someone comes along to prove them wrong. There are even false anecdotes that are so ridiculous that you know right away that people are lying and it’s even funnier not to say anything.

1. We all obviously believe in it

“When I was in high school, the teachers asked me if I could teach sex education to students because, even though I was only 15, I had a lot of knowledge and experience regarding sex. »

2. Very Bad Initiative

” Hi how are you ? What do you do ? / I’m cleaning the yard in front of my house I see, are you single? / No and you ? / Yes ! / I was in high school with your wife / Oh. »

Top 15 People Who Got Broiled Lying
Picture credits: Ragiboi – Reddit

3. What a brave teenager, I can’t believe it

“I remember a few years ago I was on safari with my family and a lion tried to attack us. I jumped out of the Jeep on all fours, growled at him and he drove off. Since that day, my mother calls me ‘the one who whispers in the ears of lions’. »

4. 3 years old and already boring

“Everyone dies one day. Everyone, even wolves. But not the books, not the words. Words don’t die. My son, three years old, who is much smarter than me.

5. “It’s crazy, it even whitened his skin”

6. A bit of uninhibited racism

“You knew that there are no words in Arabic for feminism, secularism and freedom of expression. »

“(Give a translation for each word) You know there is no word to describe your level of stupidity? »

7. Oh no, not the Karens

“We got out of our boat for lunch. The employees treated us like crap. I have lived here for 25 years and I will tell everyone how unwelcome we are. »

“Mr. Taylor, if you really live here, you know that the mask is mandatory in all restaurants. We tried to be cordial but your wife was trying to force the door open and we don’t want to risk anything for someone breaking the law? Tell your friends if you want but tell the real story. »

8. Caught red-handed

“Our universities are invaded by the Communists. I went to my son’s graduation from the University of Oregon and his history professor started his speech with ‘I hate America’. »

“I’m the head of the history department at this university and I oversee the graduation ceremonies. It never happened. »

9. The Guinness Book sets the record straight

“This Sudanese model entered the Guinness Book of Records because she has the darkest skin in the world. »

“Hi, this is totally false because this category does not exist. »

10. Poor Terry

“I think the most terrifying thing about ‘Horror Nights’ was when Terry Crews said super meanly ‘Uhhh no’ when I asked for a picture. »

“No, the most terrifying thing was when you viciously pushed my child like a zombie to come in front of me and ask me for a picture.” »

11. Not sure if it’s in the Bible

“The Bible teaches us, ‘Give a man a fish, he will starve. Teach him to fish and he will survive forever.” I think you didn’t follow a lot of catechism classes. »

“I think it was you who wasn’t following because that sentence is absolutely not in the Bible. »

12. Of course, rape is a super recent concept…..

“Rape did not exist in primary civilizations before the arrival of the whites. »

“In Aztec society, rape was punishable by death… when it didn’t exist? »

“The Incas had the same law haha. »

13. The vaccine does not give AIDS guys

“This year is only getting worse for my poor James! He overdosed over New Years but it wasn’t his fault and now he has AIDS. Don’t do the flu shot, they don’t know what other viruses are in there. »

“I knew James in high school and stopped being friends with him when he tried to force me to take heroin. I’m sorry he has AIDS but stop with that anti-vax bullshit. »

14. Maybe it’s true, we don’t know…

“Bad Buzz for Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky bringing in truckloads of water to maintain their $1 million garden in the midst of wildfires and drought. »

“It is completely false. This water is only intended to be drunk. »

15. Not Sure Actually

“Tell me something I don’t know”

“Did you think I was never going to realize you were using my photo?” »

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