Top 15 people who get clashed with by feminists, and it feels good

Whether you are an activist or not, being a feminist is a long-term job that sometimes requires a certain sense of repartee. The Bored Panda site has thus collected the best feminist responses to big jokes on the networks, take some seed.

1. Let’s give them carrots then

“Rabbits copulate a lot and we still find them too cute. Treat women the same. »


– I never said to myself after meeting a feminist “this person is very happy”.

– Indeed, because the common denominator between your two people is precisely the meeting with you.

3. Thank You Snow White

“Respecting only the women you are attracted to is not respecting women. »

4. Double standards

“A woman just has to lie for you to accuse her of screwing up the credibility of women in general, but when a man rapes or sexually assaults you don’t say that he is screwing up the credibility of women. credibility of all men. If that’s not male privilege. »

5. Let it be said once and for all

“Don’t let men who hate women say feminists hate men”

6. Thanks Maisie

“I think we should stop naming feminists and instead call people who aren’t ‘sexists.’ We are either a normal person or a sexist person. »

7. Yes there is more important than having children

– Women, look at your bodies! Breasts, ovaries, a uterus. God created you to fulfill the magnificent mission of giving life! What could be more important than that?

– Using my brain to get a doctorate and have the ability to educate a significant number of women to know that they are not at the service of men and can do more than be baby carriers.

8. Quite logical actually

“I asked my doctor why she kept her maiden name. She replied that her husband did not have a medical degree. »

9. Pay your repartee

“When my aunt was in her late twenties, people would ask her, ‘Why aren’t you married yet? and she would say ‘I’m just lucky I guess’ and I think that was the best answer to give”.

10. Hyper practice these paradigm shifts

“Social norms have not changed. We NEVER liked to be touched without our consent. So please stop convincing yourself that we are in a new world. It’s the same world, however I no longer take the risk of losing my job when I tell you to get your hands out of there.

11. Andy, tell me yes

Journalist: You are the first person to win two Olympic gold medals. That’s an incredible record, isn’t it?

Andy Murray: Venus and Serena have won 4 each I believe.

12. In His Face

“I was doing my makeup on the train this morning and a guy told me he liked women with a more natural style. I told him that I preferred men with a quieter style. »


“To people who lament that sexual assault complaints have created a world where men have to think twice before approaching a woman: yes, that’s the point, it’s called consent. Welcome to human decency. »

14. Not more bothered than that

“Donald Trump was charged with sexual assault and became President of the United States. Brett Kavanagh was charged with sexual assault and was promoted to Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Don’t tell me that accusations ruin a man’s life. »

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