Top 15 People Who Are Way Too Confident, But Shouldn’t

Trust is important. Trusting your friends, your parents, your partner, your dog, your hairdresser, or even having self-confidence is essential. On the other hand, having too much self-confidence when you’re saying big bullshit in public, that can get a little boring.

1. You have to review your CV here

Joe Biden’s statement: “1 in 1,000 African Americans has been killed by the coronavirus”

Comment 1: “So…0.001% what a horrible stat…thank goodness I’m a math student. So people don’t understand how numbers work? Only 0.001% died. »

Comment 2: “1/1 is 100%, 1/10 is 10%, 1/100 is 1%… 1/1000 is 0.1%. If you’re a math student you should probably want to quit class. »

2. Too bad he seemed sure of himself

Trump: “No candidate has ever won both Florida and Ohio and then lost the election. I won both, by far! »

Answer: “False. Richard Nixon won both Florida and Ohio and still lost to JFK. »

3. Short pre-history lesson

“Dear atheists: how come the cavemen survived the asteroid but the dinosaurs didn’t? »

– Social distancing. They remained 65 million years apart. »


“What I’ve always wanted from a yogurt is to know the names of the cows that produced it. »

“Look, they always name cows after girls. There is a deep connection between misogyny and the consumption of animal products. »

“I don’t think yoghurt from a bull wouldn’t taste very good. »

5. Fix Fail

“Women should not be allowed to give their opinion on sport. »

“You’re an idiot”

” Your* “

6. The Sun should read a little

Article from The Sun: “Fragile students think Frankenstein’s monster is ‘misunderstood’ and is actually a VICTIM”

“But it’s…it’s the book.” That’s what the book is about. »

7. Don’t forget your passport

“If Biden wins, I leave the United States and I go to Hawaii!!!! »

8. So confident he’s ready to challenge the math

_ 2000 miles isn’t a lot honestly, I could drive that in a day

_ If you drive at an average of 75 miles per hour (120km/h) without ever slowing down or stopping, it would take you 26 hours to drive 2000 miles, or more than a day.

_ Ok, let’s say you’re right and that I don’t sleep to have more time in a day, I could probably do it. And what are your sources for getting these numbers?

_ Source: 2000/75 = 26.66666. It’s called math, you should try it sometimes.

_ Yeah I’m not sure I agree but ok.

9. It’s dreamy huh

“Ladies, if you sleep with a guy a day for $100, that’s $365,000 earned in a year. P**** with degrees don’t earn this. Be your own boss. »

“P**** with a degree know it’s only $36,500”

10. 0/20 in geo

“Vatican employees who refuse to be vaccinated against covid 19 will be fired. »

“This is Biden’s America…”

11. Ok she has never heard of interest or life expectancy apparently

“Would you rather be paid $1 million now or $6 a month for the rest of your life? I take option B. It’s called an annuity. Find a way to become an annuitant, it changes your life. »

12. Too easy for her

“When I was 6, my sister was half my age. Now I am 70 years old. How old is my sister? »

“35. Give us a harder one next time please.” »


“He said half, so half of 70 is 35. Wow. Get back to class guys. »

13. Probably a weapons pro

“I love the posture of this sniper.

_ Weapons like that have a big recoil, that’s why we always tell you to hold the gun with both hands.

_ You are aware that she won the gold medal, huh? »

14. Pasteur is turning in his grave

“No thank you, I don’t need a vaccine for a disease I didn’t even catch. »

“Vaccines are made for viruses that you haven’t caught yet. »

15. Disney is the truth okay?

“Today a guy told me, in all seriousness, that I was not very good in my classical studies because Zeus only had one son, Hercules – his source was the film Hercules from Disney. It would have been easier to list the sons Zeus didn’t have. »

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