Top 15 pearls of parents of students, the trauma of teachers

The teachers have not always left us with good memories. But there are worse than the teachers. Parents of students. We realize it less because we were the students and we didn’t see the problem with the complaints of our parents. With hindsight and also with this great book by Sandra Guillot-duhem and Sabrina Petit Naughty Parents we realize that the worst parents of students are the teacher’s hell.

1. “It would be good to match the school timetable to the bus timetable, because the bus arrives one minute after the bell…it would avoid delays.”

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Answer: I suggest you take the bus from before then!

Top 15 pearls of parents of students the trauma of
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2. “Would it be possible to buy organic pencils? It’s much better since the children chew on them.”

Answer (in thought): And clear the air for boogers, since they eat them?

3. “Why are you asking parents for help with the stalls at the school party? It’s painful, in the end, we can’t enjoy the whole party…”

Answer (not annoyed at all): But who holds them, the stands, otherwise?

4. “Can’t you accept leaves of absence for the last weeks of school? Plane tickets are still cheaper…”

Answer (desired): Can I go back to school two weeks later in September? Tickets are cheaper too…

5. “Why are we always notified at the last moment of canteen closures due to strikes?”

Answer (in search of common sense): We don’t know in advance either!

6. “Regarding the green class, do the teachers pay for their trip?”

Answer (calm): Well no, it’s like camps where the instructors are paid, they don’t go on vacation!

7. “We would like the teachers to prepare at the end of the year a small file for the parents who go on vacation in September and whose children will not be there at the start of the school year…”

Intended response: NTM, spoken response: Uh, a small file ???

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8. “During the fire drill, children found themselves outside without coats, it’s really not serious!”

Hot answer: The aim of the fire drill is to get everyone out of the establishment in record time, we don’t have time to put on the coats, you can imagine!

9. “Would it be possible to install surveillance cameras at the entrance to the school?”

Answer: gulps.

10. “Would it be possible to have the reason for the sick leave from which certain teachers benefit?”

Answer: gulps (repeat).

11. “Do we have to provide an apology for EVERY delay?”

Answer (polite): No, if it’s not recurrent, but an “excuse me” is a good start…

Top 8 things teachers are not allowed to do
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12. “I refuse to allow my son to be in Mrs. Dupont’s class, with her four young children, she will be absent at the slightest health concern!”

Physical Response: Tears in the eyes.

13. “I don’t understand why a child has to be potty trained to go to school?”

Hygienic answer: It is still not part of teacher training to learn how to change diapers.

14. “Would it be possible to remove the pips in the grapes, because my daughter doesn’t like it.”

Answer: I feel bad about my France.

15. “My daughter is complaining about the noise in the canteen, can’t the children eat in silence?”

Answer: I don’t hear what you’re saying, my eardrums are pierced.

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To fight against the existence of parents of students.

This top was inspired by this wonderful book that we simply recommend:

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