Top 15 opposites of expressions that should exist

French is certainly a beautiful language, but it is above all a living language. This means that it evolves, as evidenced by the new words in the dictionary that we discover each year. The language is so alive that we use words that do not exist in the dictionary, and this without any shame. And today we find ourselves precisely to invent new things, even if it means that the Academicians do it (in any case, they are all already wearing diapers). It is therefore left to find opposites of expressions which should enter our beautiful language of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. We begin, and you give us others in comments:

1. Getting off the high horse

Meaning : Quiet suddenly

Example : Listen big guy, you better get off your high horse right away, otherwise I won’t lend you my Twingo this summer. And she is great my Twingo.

2. Work soft

Meaning : Working without overdoing it.

Example : Yesterday ? I worked soft, I was exhausted. I need some holidays. Dog of life. My wife is cheating on me, by the way.

3. Go through four paths

Meaning : Take your time to say something

Example : Listen, I’m going to go through four paths: it all started when I was 5 years old. My father used to take me fishing. When we were several kilometers from the coast, he had fun pushing me into the water and left without me. I had to swim back and find my way home […] all this to tell you that if I can’t complete a tax return on my own today it’s because I lack self-confidence.

4. Let go

Meaning : Stop arguing

Example : With Jérôme we let go of each other and since then everything has been better. He even took me to McDo, I think my feelings are coming back.

Top 15 opposites of expressions that should

5. Call a cat a dog

Meaning : Being afraid to call things by their name

Example : I prefer not to be very clear with you Fabrice. We’ll call a cat a dog. You will possibly be a little removed from this company… for a certain period, maybe not, but maybe all the same… It’s not you, it’s me, Fabrice…

6. Go like a mitten

Meaning : Do not highlight

Example : This dress fits you like a Brigitte mitten. Go change. YOU MAKE ME ASHAMED BRIGITTE CAN YOU HEAR ME?

7. Withdraw your grain of salt

Meaning : Quietly withdrawing from a conversation you weren’t invited to

Example : When he realized that his bosses were starting to talk about the dismissal of Patricia, Joel withdrew his two cents and went to serve himself another coffee. It was his twelfth for the day.

8. Have your ass lined with penne rigate

Meaning : Have no luck at all

Example : Lo and behold, I lost again at the Euromillions. I really have the ass lined with penne rigate

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9. Buy the bear skin after killing it

Meaning : Have no self-confidence

Example : Come on Romuald, stop buying the bear’s skin after you’ve killed it: you’re the hero of this society, you fixed the printer, enjoy your glory.

10. Being born with a wooden fork in your mouth

Meaning : Coming from a poor family

Example : Cindy was born with a wooden fork in her mouth. This explained his passion for tuning, urban rodeos as well as bowling. Despite everything, Cindy possessed great qualities, such as kindness and honesty.

11. Look for noon to 12 p.m.

Meaning : To go straight to the point

Example : Well, I’m going to look for noon at 12: is it you who urinated in the sangria Bernard?

12. Have your brains on your sleeve

Meaning : Be calculating

Example : Aurélien had his brains on his sleeve: when his friends came to shop at his Sephora store, he gave them free samples in the hope that they would give him bigger gifts in return (such as vouchers for Darty by example).

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13. Grind Colors

Meaning : Go very well

Example : What’s wrong with Daniel today? He grinds colors, he is radiant, and I even have the impression that he took a shower.

14. Put the cart behind the horse

Meaning : Do not rush

Example : I’m going to put the cart after the horse to seduce Christine: I won’t kiss her until the 35th date.

15. Be like dog and dog

Meaning : Get along well.

Example : With Cyril we are like dog and dog. Besides, tonight he invites me to have a threesome with his wife. Do you think I should bring flowers?

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