Top 15 of the worst things in college, I’m going to quit school!

College, as a rule, was pretty cool. We all had 16/20s everywhere because the hardest class we had was a flute class, our future prospects were either to become an actor or a singer, and to become super rich, and above all, we (I) went out with Kevin, a very cute guy who had given us a nice love note for Valentine’s Day, and we already knew that Kevin would be, for sure, the man of our lives. Unfortunately, there are certain things that we weren’t told about college, and there are still some very horrible things that we hated and that still haunt us a little.

1. Cross

I’m not even going to comment because I’ve dried it every year. It’s simple, I knew that the cross was coming in 1 month and I “mysteriously” injured my PILE knee at that time, a terrible injury that prevented me from being able to walk, run and even approach the college less than 100 meters away. Sorry, but that’s a deal breaker for me this year. Really a shame because I had a promising future in the discipline.

2. Compulsory swimming lessons

You listened to the instructions while peeling them off on a bench for 10 minutes, then you were pushed into a pool with all your classmates who were laughing a little too much and then you only had 5 minutes to dry off and get dressed, which meant that you were all wet in your clothes before attacking again for 3 hours of class. Doesn’t that sound like a horror movie script, seriously?

Top 15 of the worst things in college, i'm going to quit school!

3. Tech classes

We learned to build bridges. Great. Thank you, as you see it has brought me far in life, now I’m an editor at Topito it’s thanks to techno I’m sure. Besides, the uselessness also applies to flute lessons, huh.

Top 15 of the worst things in college, i'm going to quit school!

4. When you dropped your tray in the middle of the cafeteria

And that we applauded you for 10 minutes while making fun of you there. Well done guys, you traumatized my childhood, thanks to you I became a bitter person who criticizes people all day long, are you proud?

5. Having to switch to school life in the morning because you’re 3 minutes late

Whereas now that we’re working hard, when we’re late, we have no school life to go see. Well, on the other hand, we’re fired, so it’s true that it’s a bit boring too, but still less than going to see school life.

6. Not having the right to go on Facebook on CDI computers because “it’s made for work”

Messaging his girlfriends on Facebook to find out if Dylan is in a relationship with Marie or not, it’s work too Sir, I won’t allow you, let me do my duty.

7. Having to read books (like Madame Bovary)

I still dream of Madame Bovary at night, I spent so much time analyzing it, is it good?

8. Organized fights outside and in public

Being a girl, if there’s one thing for which I’m pretty lucky it’s that I’ve never had to experience that (on the other hand I experienced teasing and harassment so that compensates huh ), but I admit that it must be a bit hard to get your face fucked in front of 15 brats who are right there screaming because they want blood. Really a species apart, the brats.

Top 15 of the worst things in college, i'm going to quit school!

9. When you’re a half-boarder and you want to eat Greek lunch with your external friends

…And you looked at them like we were in drama movies while they squirmed away when you knew you were going to bang warm mashed potatoes on your own like an asshole. There are people who have committed crimes for less than that, seriously.

Top 15 of the worst things in college, i'm going to quit school!
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10. Take a note in your notebook and have to have your parents sign it in the evening

Those whole days of STRESS knowing that in the evening I’m going to get fucked up because I chatted with Kelly during math class, I wouldn’t go through them again for anything in the world. Not even $10 million. No, I insist. Well, show the 10 million anyway, you never know.

11. The smell of canteen kitchens/toilets/classrooms/everything really

Besides, it was voted the worst smell in the world (according to my own ranking, huh), just before the smell of line 7 at 8am, and yet it was hot to beat.

Top 15 of the worst things in college, i'm going to quit school!

12. Big hole hours because the teacher can’t move her class

Or when you had class at 8 a.m. and the teacher didn’t come WITHOUT NOTICE and you had to constantly go and do your homework like an idiot. I was really close to breaking everything, the only thing that held me back was that I was afraid of the CPE. And pawns. And my teachers. And my parents. And my classmates. In fact I was rather quiet, I don’t think I would have broken everything.

13. When the 3rd passed the 6th in the canteen line

When you’re in 3rd grade, it’s funny and you like it. When you’re in 6th grade, you kinda feel like crying. That’s the harsh laws of the jungle.

14. Surprise quizzes

…Afterwards, even when it wasn’t a surprise, I didn’t succeed so well, whatever happened it wouldn’t have changed much.

15. Taking hours of glue just because we made a mini smack to Kevin in the schoolyard and apparently it was “forbidden” but Mr. CPE it’s cheating you even have it not written on the rules

Yes it is a real trauma.

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