Top 15 of the worst teachers in history, but who are these people?

You thought you had already had the worst teacher on Earth because you had a teacher who was too strict or a teacher who was too messy? Well no, you didn’t have the worst teacher on earth. The worst, we have brought them together here through a few images and some testimonials that just make you want to paint blackboards white, to plant compasses in the walls and to reform National Education.

1. Teachers who only half do their job

“What’s the dumbest thing that got you in trouble at school?” »

“I was accused of plagiarism by my 2 teachers and I got a long reprimand because of it. I was a bit confused and cried at the end. Then they showed me the artwork they accused me of plagiarizing and… it was my own artwork that I had posted on my own website which they came across doing a Google search . »

2. The teacher who has no, really no compassion

“When I was in CM2, I often missed school because my mother was in the hospital for cancer. One day, my teacher approached me and asked me why I had missed class. I told her, and she answered me “Well, you still have to come to school, your home life isn’t as important as school. »

3. The teacher who misinforms

“My middle school teacher who yelled at us that ‘Wikipedia is not a reliable source’ every day is now sharing conspiracy theories on Facebook. »

4. The teacher who gives good grades if you grade his books

“BONUS OFFER, if you:

– Download both books

– Flip through them to the last page on Kindle

– Give both 5 stars and a good review

– Take a screenshot and send it to me

(don’t write “he’s my teacher” or “I’m in his class” or something like that)

You will have a 20?

5. The unethical teacher

“A teacher justifies her sexual relationship with a student by saying that his grades had improved”

6. The teacher who makes you feel guilty about going to the bathroom

To go to the toilets, his students need a pass on which it is written: “I am missing an important educational experience because I have to go to the bathroom”.

7. Teachers who recalculate your grades years later

“LOOOOOOL I was just called and told SEVEN YEARS after I graduated from high school that one of my final grades was miscalculated, I was missing a credit and they were canceling my diploma. Guys I already have my WTFFFF license”

8. The teacher who uses people’s disabilities as punishment

“My friend called me sobbing hysterically because she found out that her child’s teacher (my goddaughter) had taken her hearing aid away because“She wasn’t listening anyway”. The school quietly sent the teacher home and didn’t tell us. »

9. The teacher who doesn’t think beyond the end of his nose

“My teacher did something to a student in class once, she put him in front of the class and told him to explain why he always slept in class. His plan to embarrass him failed because he started crying and saying he had 2 jobs to help his family pay the bills. »

10. The teacher who has rotten mathematical logic (be careful, it’s frustrating)

Question 1, the student must show how he calculates 5×3, he writes “5+5+5”, and the teacher corrects with “3+3+3+3+3”, which amounts to the same thing apart that wastes even more time. It’s the same delirium for question 2. In the end, that’s two points less for the poor student who had answered well. It makes you want to kill.

11. The teacher who doesn’t believe children

“It legitimately happened to me when I was younger, my teacher called my parents to tell them that I “lied about having a dead sister” ; I wasn’t lying. Keep in mind I was SIX, why would I lie about that? »

12. The teacher who punishes bad people

“A medication I was taking was causing my hair to fall out, so I had to have my hair cut very short. The whole class was laughing at me, and the teacher kicked me out of class because “I” was disrupting the class. It was in CM2 and I was very unstable at such a young age. »

13. The teacher who goes into a dictatorial delirium

“My sister has started her fourth year, all the lessons are by video and today she had problems because she got up to fetch water during the lesson. As she was being yelled at, she looked at me and said: “Really, this bitch is going to tell me that I don’t have the right to have water in my own house? »

14. The teacher probably very jealous

“My 5th grade science teacher called me ‘bunny’ and refused to recommend me for science the following year, even though I had one of the best averages in her class. Why ? She said that cheerleaders weren’t as smart and that I had to “pick a side.” She had problems. »

15. The teacher who HAS A BIG PROBLEM

“I got in trouble for wearing JEANS because they were ‘too provocative’. I WAS IN FIFTH, not my fault that I have a big ass and thighs (and of course the teacher was a man)”

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