Top 15 of the worst p*** between friends in history, thank you for your testimonies

To be friends is sometimes to accept the worst dirt. This is how you were asked how and why you had caused or been struck by super whores and you brought us absolutely extraordinary testimonies which we report below. And one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t want to be friends with you.

1. The most playful

“He had a stomach ache, I told him to get a bottle of love juice from the pharmacy. »

2. The most Netflixian

“Launching series episodes on his Netflix account so that he is lost when he relaunch. »

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3. The most driving school

“In high school, we took a friend’s car without him being there and it ended up in a pole, 3m away! We put it back in place and made it look like some guy came with a baseball bat. We even put the pieces of glass back under the broken headlight! Well we got burned in 2 seconds…”

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4. The most anatomical

“It was in Terminale during the plastic arts class (we could move as we wanted in the room), while my friend had gone to look for the teacher to have an opinion on his work, I went to draw him a b * you on his sheet before he comes back with the teacher”

5. Most frustrating

“In college with another girlfriend, we called a 3rd student pretending to be a well-known radio station to make her believe she had won a trip? …she was screaming on the phone, borderline in tears, she wanted to call her whole family to announce it, we had to calm her down in her ardor…”

6. The most real estate

“My friend had his house built, we were prank on prank, I put his house up for rent on the right corner (at an unbeatable price) he was overwhelmed by all the calls he didn’t understand because the description corresponded well to his house »

7. The most capillary

“I was with a girlfriend who wanted to go brown. I thought the red would suit her well but she didn’t want to know. When she went to another aisle I opened the box and replaced the bottle with a red dye… She pulled a 6 foot long face when she saw the result. I never confessed to him, I just told him that the color must be of poor quality. »

Very nasty but not as bad as the worst color fails.

8. Most Charged

“I got arrested by the gendarmes for swimming overnight in a municipal swimming pool and I said that I didn’t have my papers I gave the name of an old friend from college and my old address where I lived more. »

9. Twistedest

“In seventh grade, I took a friend’s notebook without her seeing it, and I wrote a note pretending to be her French teacher that she was doing strip teases standing on her table. and disrupted the lesson. I was not in his class. I had written it in pencil just so that she would come across it a little later and then erase it… Lack of luck, her French teacher took her notebook in the same afternoon, saw the word and thought it was his table neighbor, who obviously had handwriting similar to mine, who had made the joke. He was severely reprimanded and stuck for at least 2 hours. »

10. The most oenological

“I served a cheap wine to a friend who I thought was a bit of a wine snob, I pimped the bottle to make him believe it was a grand cru unearthed from my parents’ cellar (flour to make a dust effect, vinegar to age the label). She kept the bottle for 6 months before uncorking it for a special occasion. She thought the wine was pretty good. It’s a pretty polite bitch actually.”

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11. Most Watered Sprinkler

“A friend who spent his time pumping on me during exams. By the way, it got me drunk, I only gave her bad answers, so that she could have a bubble.

12. The slimiest

“We were on a boat. I spat a big mollard overboard. With the wind, the mollard landed on my buddy’s shoulder. I played the offended person and suggested a further guy as the culprit”.

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13. The most road

“A friend lent me her car for a weekend. We forgot to put coolant, smoke came out of the car and finished. A repairman came and explained to us that the car was cooked. But we were nice, we offered her a bottle of wine to compensate her. »

14. The most psychological

“At 10, I slept with a friend who couldn’t fall asleep. I made her believe that eating salt helped her fall asleep, she ate a spoonful of salt. »

15. Most sartorial

“I stole a friend’s sweater without his knowledge because I was cold. I stained it with wine. I discreetly put the sweater back in his wardrobe without him realizing it. »

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