Top 15 of the worst moments of shame after having misheard something, you can repeat?

1. Lise’s maximum embarrassment

“On holiday abroad. A gentleman asks me with a strong accent “Is it okay? “. I understood that his name was Fabien… And I answered “Me, it’s Lise! “. »

2. Matthias’ maxi embarrassment

“When my doctor took my blood pressure, she said “12.7” I understood “cough” so I started coughing. »

3. Gabbou’s maximum embarrassment

“A friend, an executive assistant in a big company, had understood that her boss wanted a calendar with breasts and not saints… She said to him “Ah? Do you want a truck-style calendar?! “Annoyance…”

4. Auri’s Maxi Annoyance

“When I called a dog by its master’s first name, not having understood who was who. »

5. Emeline’s maximum embarrassment

“Years ago, in class, a classmate asked me for a sheet, it was only natural that I looked in my bag and handed him a large OCB. He just wanted something to write about. »

6. Marion’s maximum embarrassment

“I work in a tobacco press, I served a sixty-year-old who asks me (behind the mask and the plexiglass) “Union” magazine rated X. So I take him to the X corner and unpack everything there is for him. The gentleman looks at me with big round eyes and tells me that he is actually looking for a magazine about Chinon, Le château! »

7. Héloïse’s maximum embarrassment

“We were visiting an old house and in the kitchen, I said: ‘how beautiful are your floor tiles’. And the lady answers me, “yes, but they are not yet ripe”. Laughter guaranteed. »

8. Maxence’s maxi embarrassment

“When someone told me that a classmate had died, but it took me 5 minutes to understand that they hadn’t told me “he has CDs”. That’s why I didn’t understand why people were sad, I said to myself “boh, CDs are fine, I have some too”. »

9. Andy’s Maxi Embarrassment

“A guy too bg at my job asked me if I had plans and I answered him 15 because I thought he had said plants. »

10. Christine’s maxi embarrassment

“I was walking down the street and a man said, ‘Nice boots’, so I said, ‘Thanks, that’s new! and he was speechless. Then I understood. He hadn’t said boots. He had said boobs. »

11. MYTQuinn1’s maxi embarrassment

“An old man told me ’81 tomorrow!’ » and I answered « I hope! thinking he was talking about the temperature. It wasn’t… The next day was his birthday. »

12. Kreeya’s Maxi Annoyance

“One day, a handsome guy said to me, ‘Good smell! » and it was hot that day so I felt my armpits… He said smile, beautiful smile… »

13. Amelia’s Maxi Embarrassment

“I met someone at a club and when I asked him what he did, I thought he said magician, so I asked him to show me his tricks. He looked surprised, but he did it anyway. It was only afterwards that I understood that he had said musician. »

14. Caelin’s Maxi Annoyance

“My Italian friend went to the hospital with kidney stones, and the nurse told him she needed to check her ‘pee’ so he took off his hospital gown and showed her everything before realizing that she had said “BP” for “blood pressure”. »

15. NoTimeToJudge’s Maxi Annoyance

“During an interview with the army, I was asked what I would do if I found a snack in the middle of the jungle. I replied that I would take it and definitely eat it. They looked at me, super shocked. They had said snake. »

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