Top 15 of the worst filming accidents, immediately it weighs down the atmosphere

On a shoot, everything is supposed to be settled like clockwork. But when it comes to stunts, explosions and firearms, one human error is enough to mess things up. So it’s the stupid accident, the berezina, and not everyone gets away unscathed.

1. The death of Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow

In the “dumb accident” genre, this is probably the most well-known story in the world. Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee, plays the lead role in the film The Crow, which is being shot in 1993. For a scene, Brandon Lee has to come under fire from another actor. Revolvers are supposed to be loaded blanks. But during the scene, Brandon Lee breaks down for real. For real. A non-blank bullet pierced his stomach. Brandon Lee dies at 28 after going into a coma.

The revolver had previously been loaded with live ammunition and one of them got stuck in the barrel.

Top 15 of the worst filming accidents, immediately it weighs down the atmosphere

2. The beheading of three actors on the set of Twilight Zone

During the filming of the adaptation of the cult series, in 1983, a helicopter accident caused the death of three actors, including two children: Vic Morrow, Myca Dinh Le (7 years old) and Renee Shin-Yi Chen (6 years old). ). The helicopter flew barely 8 meters high and could not escape the explosions used on the set. The helicopter crashed on the stage and decapitated the unfortunate actors.

The accident had at least the merit of leading to better legislation concerning child labor on set during special effects scenes.

3. The death of a stuntman on the set of The Dark Knight

Stuntman Conway Wickliffe has died following an accident on the set of The Dark Knight. While rehearsing the scene in which the Joker shoots the Batmobile with a bazooka, Wickliffe was leaning out of the window of the vehicle. But the driver failed to make a turn and crashed into a tree. The stuntman was seriously injured and died as a result of the accident. The film is dedicated to him (and to Heath Ledger).

4. The radioactive leak on the set of Le Conquérant

The filming of Conqueror, a 1950s-style blockbuster starring John Wayne, was set in Utah. However, at that time, the United States was carrying out nuclear tests not very far from there, on the Nevada border. Result: out of 220 employees, 91 developed cancer in the following 20 years and 46 died of it. Including John Wayne.

The worst part is that the film was so bad that Howard Hughes bought it to prevent it from being distributed.

5. The crash of a pilot on the set of Top Gun

when they bought Take my breath away to make the soundtrack of the film, the producers of Top Gun did not believe so well. A 53-year-old aerobatic pilot hired to do a stunt experienced a technical problem on board his bike and, unable to straighten it, crashed into the Pacific Ocean. We never found his remains, nor the plane he was flying.

6. The small disasters of the filming of Troy

Alright, let’s start with the funniest. During filming, Brad Pitt, who played Achilles, damaged his Achilles tendon. Then an extra, George Camilleri, broke his leg during a fight scene and died of complications two weeks later. The production also suffered the passage of two hurricanes. No luck.

7. Fatal explosion on the set of The Expendables 2

During the filming of a scene by the second production unit, two stuntmen were hit by an explosion from a Zodiak. In pinch-me and pinch-me fashion on their own boat, one died and the other was seriously injured, though thankfully he recovered.

8. Harry Potter’s stunt double

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Daniel Radcliffe could count on his understudy, David Holmes, 25, to perform stunts for him. Except that one of those stunts turned chocolate. Thrown at top speed against a wall, David Holmes broke his neck. He is now paralyzed.

9. Taxi 2’s glide

The end of Taxi 2 provided for a stunt during which the famous Peugeot flew over tanks. Everything was in place, except that the taxi did not land at the planned place, where boxes had been placed to help it slow down, but 15 meters further, right on cameraman Alain Dutartre. He died a few hours later in the hospital.

It is also on this tragic shoot that we lost all trace of Frédéric Diefenthal.

10. Rust Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins

We all still remember the tragedy that struck this shoot where Alec Balwin, thinking he was using an unloaded weapon, shot the cinematographer in the chest with live ammunition. The shooting is naturally interrupted. Height of the story: the film told the story of a fatal accident.

If the investigation has not yet determined why the weapon was not unloaded as it should have been, the actor now finds himself targeted by very media accusations…

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11. Vin Diesel’s stunt double on xXx

There is worse than playing a film with Vin Diesel, there is dying for a film with Vin Diesel. It is unfortunately the drama of Harry L. O’Connor, stuntman and understudy of the actor with little hair. In the scene he rappels down to land on the hull of a submarine but crashes into a bridge, killing him instantly. The worst part of it all was that it was the second take. We could therefore have avoided it by keeping the first take, which was very good in terms of the overall quality of the film.

12. A stuntman on Shark!

We realize with this top that stuntmen do not have an easy job (compared to the job of food critic for example). In 1969, on the set of Shark!, one of the stuntmen therefore shot a scene with a sharp-toothed fish supposed to be sedated. Except that in fact the shark was in pretty good shape and ready to fight. The stuntman loses the fight. And believe it or not, the production decided to keep these morbid images for the promotion of its film which led to the departure of director Samuel Fuller.

13. A worker working on the sets of Silence, by Scorsese

The unjust forgotten film sets, it is also the workers who manufacture or consolidate the sets. On set, three of them had to secure a structure that seemed to be rickety and actually collapsed, killing one of the workers and injuring the other two.

14. Three extras in Noah’s Ark by Michael Curtiz (1928)

If filming accidents are rarer today, it is because certain safety rules have been put in place over time. But in 1928, we didn’t give a damn. This is how several extras died on this filming of the biblical peplum. For the flood scene, when we could have made do with figurines in a scale model, the director insisted on filming real people drowning. Well, suddenly it worked really well since three extras were found drowned. After that we started to lay the foundations of the first filming supervision laws to avoid this kind of tragedies.

15. The Hobbit’s Dead Animals

We are not going to do our Brigitte Bardots, but the filming of the Hobbit, by Peter Jackson, looked a lot like an animal holocaust. Hollywood standards for the protection of animals brought to be filmed are very vague. 27 animals thus died on the set, not so much in front of the camera as in the enclosures in which they were kept. The paddocks were not secure, and the horses fell into holes.

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