Top 15 of the weirdest places on earth, the oddities of the world

Chelou: word in verlan meaning “shady”. Its more common meaning being “very strange, even downright bizarre”. So you will tell me, it’s broad enough to qualify places and behind this rather vague term we could have given you a list of several thousand “odd” places. Yes but now, in life we ​​do not make tops 1000 but tops 10 so stay calm. This list is inspired by the unusual places listed on Wikipedia. We dug in like gold diggers.

1. The only airport that is under the fleet at certain times

Barra airport in Scotland is very nice (according to Google reviews) but it has a rather rare feature in the jungle of airports: it is located in a bay. The planes therefore land on a beach except when it is high tide and the runways are covered by the fleet. Fortunately the arrival and departure times depend on these tides, not con.

2. The most solo tree on earth

In Niger there is the Ténéré desert. In the Ténéré desert, there is a tree. The only. The Ténéré tree. An Acacia. Alone. In Remi mode without family. Its loneliness is such that it has made it the most isolated tree on earth.

And you want to hear something really sad? This tree was knocked down by a truck in 1973. It died alone.

3. A city on fire since 1962

Let me tell you that next to the fires in Australia, it’s a mess. The American city of Centralia in Pennsylvania suffers from a continuous and underground fire caused by an accident in the underground coal mine and still in force since 1962. So inevitably the city lost a little of its attraction and had only 9 inhabitants in 2007.

And you want to hear something really sad? The town’s postal code was removed in 2002.

4. There’s a city in England that only exists on Google Maps

Argleton probably means nothing to you. And for good reason. This ghost place appeared one day on Google Maps when it never existed. The problem is that the algorithms do not pick up anything there and have automatically referenced this place on several websites. There are two plausible explanations for this strange appearance: either confusion with a nearby village called Aughton, or a deliberately designed copyright trap to detect counterfeits. Either way, the location is now permanently removed from Google Maps so go find another one.

5. A territory that belongs to no one between Egypt and Sudan

Solo territories there are several that even bear the pretty name of “terra nullius”, but this one has the particularity of having been claimed by an American as his kingdom in 2014 and his daughter the now recognized princess of Bir Tawil. So I’ll stop you there right away, contrary to what you might think Jeremiah Heaton doesn’t have an oversized melon. He especially wanted to claim this desert territory to try to make it a place of ecological experiments. And even if he received tunes from Disney who wanted to adapt his “princess” story into a film, his project seems more virtuous than it looks.

6. A bra fence in New Zealand

Until the beginning of the 2000s one could observe in the valley of Cardrona a pretty fence of bras. Go figure out how they got there! It seems that on New Year’s Day in 99, 4 bras were left there (surely a dark story of drunk chicks on New Year’s Eve). The farmers dab the shell and leave the mammary work as well. Except that word of mouth works well and other chicks come to bring their piece to the building. Two months later, we find 60. And it continues until 2006 when we count 800. Until a local councilor finds that this decoration idea was not crazy and orders the withdrawal of the 800 bras ( before certainly calling on Valérie Damidot for a landscape reconfiguration more in line with her values).

7. An island that only comes out once in a while

Ferdinandea is not an island like the others. Already because it was created by a volcano (like me, personally) and it is located 8 meters deep in the ocean. So why are we talking about an island will you tell me bunch of quibblers? Well because she sticks out the tip of her nose. Good. Not often I grant you, but it emerged at least 3 times, in 1701, in 1831 and in 1863 during eruptions of Empedocles, his paternal volcano. Or maternal. You decide.

8. A city with zero houses, it’s so hot

Coober Pedy is a friendly little town in southern Australia. Only in the summer we literally burn our ass hanging out so the inhabitants, not stupid for a penny, dug troglodyte houses there (in the beginning they were not very glodyte houses, that’s why). Result of the races: the landscape of the city does not offer to see any dwelling, it is like being in the middle of the desert when it is not even true.

9. A tower with a highway passing through it

We already knew that Japan was not a country like the others, and this Gate Tower proves it once again. This 16-storey building located in Osaka is thus crossed by a motorway ramp between the 5th and 7th floors. And personally, I wouldn’t like to live on the 4th or 8th. Nor in Japan for that matter. Finally I have nothing against Japan, but I digest sushi badly.

10. Ghost Island

We stay in Japan guys with the charming island of Ha-shima, non-touristy as possible since it was literally abandoned by its inhabitants in the early 70s. Yet the island was for a time one of the densest in the world because of a coalfield in 1887 which had a mine installed there with its share of employees residing on site. When mining activity dropped, the miners no longer had much reason to be there and broke down, leaving the infrastructure abandoned. If you want to make it a coal amusement park it is still possible.

11. An island that is 6 months of the Spanish year, and French the remaining 6 months

It is known either as Pheasant Island or Conference Island. Located on the Franco-Spanish border, it is torn between the two states, what is called condominium status, which is not the name of a sex toy.

12. A lake so polluted that you die in minutes if you swim in it.

Although charming by the way, Lake Karachai in the southern Urals is not a recommended destination for a dip. Since 1951, it is in this pretty water point that radioactive waste is dumped. According to a Worldwatch report on nuclear waste, it would be the most polluted place on earth with abnormally high radioactivity in such a small area. The radiation level is so high that one hour in the lake represents a lethal dose of radioactivity for a human being.

13. A 0.3 m² amusement park

Mill Ends Park is a very small amusement park located in Portland in the United States. So small that it cannot accommodate humans since it is no more than 61 centimeters in diameter. And for good reason, it is an amusement park intended for a colony of Leprechauns (small humanoid creature).

Except that Leprechauns don’t exist. Suddenly, the whole business plan fell through and instead it’s old snails who come to squat and smoke big drumsticks between lads.

14. A lake in an island in a lake in an island

Volcano Island is not an island like the others. Volcanic as its name suggests, it is located in the Philippines and has the good taste to nestle in the center of Lake Taal itself located on the island of Luzon. The island itself having a crater in its center which constitutes a lake. In short, it is a beautiful geological abyss.

15. A house with no stairs or elevator

“EULOLO MÉ KOMAN CA EST POSSIBLEU CÉ FENOMENAL MA PAROL” you are most certainly thinking. Well actually it’s not that crazy. These famous Houses without stairs, also called Les Chalets de Bizillon were designed by Auguste Bossu, an architect who undoubtedly had a phobia of elevators combined with a big laziness to climb stairs. He therefore designed these two buildings in the 1930s in Saint-Etienne by simply replacing these elevation modes with a circular ramp. Should have thought about it. Or not.

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