Top 15 of the most listened to Disney songs in history, the ones we love at karaoke

Since the beginning of January 2022, the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from the movie Encanto: Keeping Up With the Madrigal Family. make a box. She also dethroned the song ” Let It Go “ by placing in 4th position on the American Billboard Hot 100 ranking, even though the Frozen song had only placed 5th position in April 2014. Really very stylish (it was about time, we couldn’t more Elsa). So while waiting for Encanto’s song to smash all the stats on streaming platforms, we checked which other Disney music was the most listened to on Spotify around the world. The result is before your eyes. Watch your ears.

1. Freed Deliberate (Let It Go) – Frozen

Olala, but what a surprise, we are shocked, how is it that a song sung at least fifteen times a week by all the kids in the world for more than 8 years is the most listened to? It’s wrong, we’re not at all surprised of course and we can’t wait for another song to dethrone it forever, never to hear about it again. Anyway, this song was badly translated from the start so we weren’t off to a good start to appreciate it.

2. Le Bleu Lumière (How Far Will I Go) – Moana, the legend at the end of the world

Well, it’s not the best song in the film for our taste, but apparently Spotify users prefer songs that are a bit silly to cool songs that move like Our earth Where The Explorer, finally… We accept the concession because it’s still great (no, I didn’t even get the chills, stop).

3. Into The Unknown – Frozen II

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok in 2020, you’ve definitely heard the English version of this song, which made for some really good jokes. We would have preferred this music to remain at the stage of farce, but apparently it’s too much to ask and since the Snow Queen gets all the kids off, the parents said to themselves that they had to play it on a loop so that they have peace. We don’t say thank you, that’s where we are now.

4. Life is a Highway – Cars

Difficult song to sing when you have the same level of English as François Hollande, but we appreciate the rhythm and the good vibes that emerge from this music. It doesn’t look like it will increase the sound level if someone is playing it in the office.

5. For men (You’re Welcome) – Moana, the legend of the end of the world

Ah, there we say yes, downright good choice for this fun song that comes to mind but without overdoing it. In addition, we really appreciate the performance of Anthony Kavanagh in his interpretation of Maui. It makes me want to become a primary school teacher to invent a choreo on this song at the school fair.

6. Always in my heart (You’ll Be In My Heart) – Tarzan

Ok, Disney and Spotify actually want our tears, right? AND BAH IT’S SUCCESSFUL! I’m now nicknamed the office complainer because I shed tears on my keyboard while writing this top. Bravo to all those who have listened too much to this music before me to ensure that it arrives in this ranking, your efforts have paid off.

7. Try Everything – Zootopia

Admit it, you too when you listen to this music, you visualize yourself seriously driving on the highway towards a life of phew with your soul mate in the driver’s seat and a small sunset on the windshield. Or is it just me? Don’t be shy, we all have our taboo songs.

8. Like a Man (I’ll Make a Man Out of You) – Mulan

Ahhhhhh, finally music that is one of the best Disney songs I thought I was waiting for. Downright shocked outraged that she only arrives in the middle of the ranking, but she has the merit of being there, so for that we say thank you to Patrick Fiori who has certainly contributed to three quarters of plays thanks to his performance on the French version.

9. Do You Want to Build a Snowman? – Frozen

Well, do it yourself with your snowman, I would like you to stop squatting the whole ranking with your receipts and yet that doesn’t prevent you from doing it. No, but the nerve.

10. Love Is An Open Door – Frozen

It’s not to spoil you but I’m even more horrified to discover that this music is one of the 15 most listened to Disney songs on Spotify knowing the monstrosity of the guy who sings it (the character eh, not the real singer). Love is a gift, my ass. Especially since this song is still among the worst Disney songs. You don’t want to put Air of wind Pocahontas instead seriously?

11. Love Shines Under the Stars (Can You Feel the Love Tonight?) – The Lion King

If I had been born long before Elton John made this marvel, I would have done everything to die and be reborn in 1994 to have the honor of growing up with this music. People born on this date are also significantly more beautiful than average according to a scientific study. Now you know why.

12. Under The Sea – The Little Mermaid

A timeless classic: we would have been a little disappointed if it was not part of the ranking. But are you sure you really know this Disney song? We challenge you to complete the following words: “The triton on the flutiau, the carp plays the harp…” Ah, we’re less clever now, huh?

13. I Just Can’t Wait To Be A King – The Lion King

I would have clearly told you to leave this ranking from the start if this song was not among the 15 most listened to on Spotify. Luckily, staunch Disney fans can be counted on to ensure that the best sounds always stay on top. Now, all in heart: “Simba will be the new king soleeeeeeeeeeeil”.

14. I See The Light – Rapunzel

If I weren’t under Rapunzel’s spell, I wouldn’t care a damn about the place of this silly love song in this ranking, knowing that there is still “I have a dream” and “Where is the real life ? in battle. But the mere presence of Rapunzel’s music in this top is enough to restore my faith in humanity so I’m going to stop complaining.

15. Hakuna Matata – The Lion King

Do not be surprised, this song deserves its place in the ranking by its size and popularity. We were even a little surprised that she didn’t arrive in a better position. But it’s good to leave room for novelty too.

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