Top 15 of the most impressive football records

Monday March 14 will now be a public holiday because it was on this day that Benzema became France’s top scorer in history with 413 goals. He exceeds the old record of Thierry Henry which was 411 goals. Ok you have to admit that it’s really not bad, but others also excel in other areas of football and we decided to highlight them a little in this top by going back to the greatest records of the football history.

1. Top French scorer in history

We just said it in the intro so just read, lazy people, but since I’m nice, I’ll repeat.

The great KB9 is not yet running for the presidential elections (too bad), but he is now the greatest scorer in the history of France, in all competitions (in club and selection). When you know that he didn’t often take penalties at Real because Ronaldo was often preferred to him, you have to admit that it’s really not bad.

2. Top scorer in the France team

Karim Benzema may be the top scorer in France’s history but he’s not the top scorer in the France team (haha) and that record still belongs to the famous Thierry Henry. With 51 goals Thierry Henry ranks ahead of Giroud (46) and Griezmann (42). Good after that it must be said that Henry has a much larger number in selection than Benzema, but that is another problem.

3. ALL-TIME ALL-COURT top scorer (OMG)

We are talking about the top scorer in the history of France or the history of the selections, but let’s talk about the top scorer of ALL TIME quite simply.

But on this subject opinions differ… some say that Pelé is the top scorer in history with more than 1000 goals scored during his career, but others explain that at the time all the matches weren’t were not filmed, that Pelé is also counting his friendly and gala matches and that in short, the numbers are inflated.

It’s the same story for Romario who had however in 2007, publicly celebrated his 1000th goal at Vasco de Gama. FIFA congratulated the player on social media, reminding that this figure was not very reliable.

Today many agree that the top scorer in the history of football would in fact be Cristiano Ronaldo with 758 goals, which would exceed the real records of Pelé, Romario or even Josef Bican… well, there are figures different from everywhere, there is debate so we don’t really know what to think.

4. Fastest player in the world

Here again opinions differ between Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappé, Alphonso Davies or even Haaland.

But who cares, because it makes us happy to say it, we’re going to say that Mbappé is the fastest player in the world, anyway even if it’s not him, he’s at least part of the top 3 so with one or two places ready we won’t make a fuss. FYI Mbappé has already been flashed at around 38 km / h on his peak speed, yes it’s impressive.

5. Longevity record for a professional player

The record for longevity for a professional player is held by the now famous Kazu Miura. This Japanese player (who inspired the manga Olive & Tomyes I swear) is the oldest player to have scored a goal in the Japanese league (at 48), he is also the oldest player in football history to have played in a professional match, at the age of 50 years and 7 days, surpassing the old record of Englishman Stanley Matthews.

6. Most free kicks scored

The player with the most free-kick goals is none other than Juninho, with 77 goals in total. The Brazilian was particularly known for that and we understand why. Why score goals normally when you can score them from a free kick?

7. Player(s) who won a World Cup as player AND coach (wow)

This is a very very impressive record that only three people on this earth have managed to achieve. First the Brazilian legend Mario Zagallo, then the German Franz Bekenbauer and finally in 2018, Didier Deschamps had the honor of joining this very closed circle. Kudos to the artist.

8. The match with the most fans of all time

It seems that this match dates back to the year 1950, so it’s been a while now. The Brazil-Uruguay final which was held at the Maracana, the legendary stadium in Rio, according to FIFA, gathered 173,850 spectators. This would be impossible today because the Maracana stadium, which initially had 200,000 seats, has been gradually reduced to 78,838 seats. This final is legendary, because Uruguay will beat Brazil 2-1, which marks the first major upheaval in the history of the Brazilian selection.

9. Youngest player to win a World Cup

This record, I think every football fan knows it. Pelé is the youngest player ever to win a World Cup at just 17 years old.

It was in 1958 that Brazil presented its star to the whole world, not knowing yet that he was going to become the best player in the world.

10. Player with the most goals in the World Cup

This record is also well known, and it is held by the German Miroslav Klose with 16 goals. Klose obtained this record in 2014 in the semi-final against Brazil where, as we know, the Brazilians literally sank.

11. Player who took the most cards (ouch)

And the big winner eeeeest…Gerardo Alberto Bedoya Múnera, the Colombian defensive midfielder! Obviously the guy had done a bit of boxing before and had trouble telling the difference between football fields and a free fight cage.

Suddenly Gerardo is 46 red cards in his entire career. By way of comparison, Marco Materazzi, also known to be a very big butcher, received “only” 15. Ah, and last anecdote, now Gerardo is the coach of a Colombian team and he was expelled from the stands as soon as their first game. It would be a question of starting yoga and Gerardo detox herbal teas.

12. The country having reached the World Cup final the most times

It is Brazil that holds the record for the number of World Cup victories with its 5 victories, but it is Germany that has gone to the final the most times.

Germany therefore went to the final 8 times, against 7 for Brazil and six for Italy which is third in the standings.

13. Goalkeeper with the most goals

I think everyone will agree that it’s not the role of the goalkeeper to score goals. And yet the game at the foot of the goalkeepers is improving more and more and some dare to score goals, take penalties or free kicks.

It’s the Brazilian goalkeeper Rogério Ceni nicknamed “O Mito” (the myth), with his 132 goals throughout his career. He played for Sao Paulo FC for more than 20 years and was very often in charge of taking free kicks as well as penalties.

14. The football stadium that can accommodate the most supporters

It is the North Korean May Day stadium in Pyongyang which is today the largest in the world with 150,000 seats. Well everyone doesn’t care a bit but at least if you are asked you will not answer the Velodrome what.

15. And finally the player(s) speaking the most languages ​​(yeah that’s crazy)

And don’t tell me it’s a zero record that nobody cares about because even if it is, it’s important to remember that most players are multilingual.

We tend to take football players for big morons who kick a ball, while almost all of them master at least two languages ​​perfectly, and know several cultures. We can mention in particular Lukaku who is fluent in 7 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Lingala, Zlatan who is fluent in 4 languages ​​or Modric who perfectly masters 5 languages.

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