Top 15 of the most heard phrases by each profession, those that hit the…

Every time you meet someone, it’s the same thing. You’re there kindly explaining what this job of yours consists of and which occupies you 35 hours a week and BIM. Your interlocutor gives you THE sentence that you have already heard about half a million times and that makes you want to murder in cold blood, whether you are a baker, a mason, a business manager, a librarian, a pharmacist or an astronaut . Fortunately, Reddit is there to denounce these misdeeds. A little tour of these sentences that we no longer want to hear, thank you, it’s over, goodbye.

1. Oh, are you a doctor? I have something a bit weird on my foot, could you take a look?

But certainly Karen, I really want to go watch your big toe paronychia after a good meal while I’m on RTT. Come on, give me your little toe. Ah, you have to amputate. It will be 50 €, do you pay by card or check?

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2. Oh, do you do photography? It would be nice if you came to our wedding next week, we don’t have too much money to spend on a real photographer…

If I come to your wedding, it will only be to blow my stomach with the toasts and try to flirt with half the guests. You have been warned.

3. Oh, are you a graphic designer? Do you think you could help me redo my resume in two minutes?

Yeah, absolutely! *Goes to Canva and copy-pastes the text*

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4. Oh are you an illustrator? Could you draw a picture of my family? It’s for my cousin’s birthday…

Working hours with all your revision requests so that you yell at me when I ask you to pay me other than visibility? Oh what fun!

5. Oh, you work in finance! Could you give me some tips for my taxes?

What I can tell you, Fabrice, is to bet everything on bitcoin. Yes, yes believe me.

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6. Oh, are you a teacher? Could you re-read my cover letter to tell me if there are any mistakes?

As a real Marie, go back to the CP box, I don’t know, but do something. Because I actually teach physics and chemistry.

7. Oh, are you a programmer? I have a problem with my printer…

Have you tried turning it off and back on to see? Oh sorry, I thought we had to say something stupid, lol.

8. Oh, are you a psychologist? So you’re psychoanalyzing me here?

Mdr yeah and I’m going to buy myself a second home very soon in the Arcachon basin thanks to the money I’m going to make on all the sessions I’m going to schedule for you, given what I see.

9. Oh, do you work in construction? Could you check if my wall light is properly installed?

Don’t move, I’ll take my scaffolding out of my pocket and I’ll redo the roof for you, too.

10. Oh, are you a comedian? Go ahead, make me laugh!

So, this is the story of a penguin who breathes through his buttocks. One day he sits down and he dies.

Top 15 of the most heard phrases by each profession
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11. Oh are you a lawyer? My daughter’s ex-husband wants custody of their child, what do you think she should do?

Frankly, let him. Not sure it’s good that his kid has someone like you for a grandparent.

12. Oh are you a vet? Do you think these kibbles are good for Princess?

Cats only digest well the truffle-infused croquettes sold at 60 € per kilo only in my practice, science says so.

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13. Oh, are you the boss of your company? Do you think you could take my son on an internship?

I don’t know, do you think he could bring me how many K per year? Is he more for or against labor law?

14. Oh, are you an architect? You could help me redecorate, I need a change.

Wait a couple seconds, let me run The Sims Story and see what I can do.

15. Oh, are you a bookseller? Could you help me find the title of this book, there, with a blue cover and which tells the story of a woman who leaves to travel…

Yes, or else what I’m suggesting is to come back and talk to me about it when you’ve at least found the author’s name because otherwise, we haven’t left the bookstore.