Top 15 of the most beautiful town halls in France, those where everyone wants to get married

“Little town hall, I’m talking about you because with your tiny roof you put thousands of roses on my life” sang Francis Cabrel to pay tribute to the town hall of the village of Astaffort. Like friend Francis, we have decided to pay tribute to the most beautiful town halls in France. But instead of singing them, we’re going to put them on top. Why ? Because we sing like shit.

1. The Capitol of Toulouse

She’s wonderful, it’s like a dream come true. It is also one of the few town halls in France to have its own little name “Capitole”. We would have called her “my love” so much she radiates beauty… It makes you want to say chocolatine!


Being on one of the most beautiful places in the world inevitably helps to make your way up the rankings. Moreover, this town hall is so beautiful that these old stones have nothing to envy to the abs of Jon Snow.

3. Calais

My heart beats for the town hall of Calais as for Angelina Jolie. We don’t know if it’s this passion red on the walls, or this slightly phallic belfry, but one thing is certain: this town hall does not leave us indifferent.

4. Commerce

The town hall of Commercy is located in this magnificent castle whose beauty arrests a man with a single glance. For your information, this is where the madeleine was invented. That’s how much this place exudes class and positive vibes.

5. The Mold

It is in Guadeloupe that we find this superb town hall whose shimmering colors are a real delight for the retina. This is why Le Moule is not to be missed on your next vacation. In short, you will have understood: we love Le Moule!

Town hall of the mold [ grande-terre ~ guadeloupe ]

6. Limoges

Limoges is not only renowned for its porcelain, it has also had a high quality town hall since the 19th century. Look at these walls and these windows, it’s to kick your ass on the ground!

7. Angouleme

That’s great. Like a baby cat. Except you can’t caress a town hall. It’s a shame, because we would like to gently pass our hands over the walls of this beautiful building.

8. Roubaix

The town hall of Roubaix gives us furious itching on the lips because it is so pretty that we would like to kiss it. She shines like a Victoria’s Secret model in undress, which leaves no one indifferent.

9. Reims

This town hall was completely rebuilt after the First World War, and it was so sexy that Gaston Doumergue came in person to inaugurate it. And Gaston Doumergue he was still president from 1924 to 1931.

10. Saint Quentin

We love this neo-Gothic architecture. We must admit, we would like to spend a little time alone with this town hall to admire its pretty tower more closely.

11. Arles

I find that this town hall has a great sensuality. I love, I love your town hall, I love your roof, all your beautiful architecture, slowly erected, sensuality…

12. Arcachon

The town hall of Arcachon should gain visibility because it has nothing to envy to the very beautiful oysters which make the reputation of the whole region.

13. Saint Malo

Located in an old castle, the town hall of Saint-Malo has something to thrill Stéphane Bern. It offers a breathtaking view of the sea, which is very practical for filling up on iodine during municipal councils.

14. Caen

This former abbey now houses the town hall of Caen and, mazette, it sends blood sausage. Enough to give a vegetarian the desire to eat meat.

15. Gambsheim

It is in Alsace that we can find this little fairy-tale type house which, we must admit, makes us climb the Bretzel. It’s pretty like a flammkuche just out of the oven.

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