Top 15 of the most beautiful dog breeds

Not long ago we told you about the most beautiful cats in the world, these beings of all magnificence. But dogs are also entitled to their ultimate ranking and I can tell you that in this list you will come across little canine gems that are as charming as they are touching.

1. The Afghan Hound

Who has never developed an intense jealousy with regard to this coat worthy of the most beautiful brushings? Greyhounds are of legendary elegance from the tip of their muzzle to the end of each of their hairs, they did not steal the well-deserved first place in this ranking.

2. The Dalmatian

Popularized by Disney, which bears its name 101 times, the Dalmatian did not wait for the cinema to place itself at the top of the ranking of the most beautiful breeds of dogs. Coming from Croatia, it would have more or less appeared in the 18th century and it is hard to imagine what the world could have looked like before.

3. The Bernese Mountain Dog

If you like teddy bears, the Bouvier should satisfy you for sure. This large, robust dog loves life outdoors, a sociable and calm animal, the Bernese Mountain Dog is an adorable dog that can only make our lives more beautiful.

4. The Great Dane

A dog that could be described as bi-national since it is also called the Great Dane. And for good reason, it is recognizable among other things by its size, which explains why it is often used as a guard dog. Indeed, his physique, although sympathetic, can be quite a deterrent.

5. The Rottweiler

Powerful and muscular, the Rottweiler does not lack grace. He too is very popular among watchdogs thanks to his robustness. Rest assured however, this good dog is much softer than it looks.

Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Phil Sangwell from United Kingdom

6. The Shiba Inu

Originally from Japan, this small dog with fine features (“shiba” literally means “small” in Japanese) is playful, clean, loyal. It is even said of him that he is “one quarter dog, one quarter man, one quarter cat and one quarter monkey”. An unusual blend that forges its unique character.

7. The Weimaraner

The Braque is one of the most athletic dogs, in the muscular genre we do not do better. And if he is often appreciated as a hunting dog, we can also simply share life at his side because he is as nice as he is beautiful.

8. The Golden Retriever

Close in appearance to the Labrador (which could have been in this classification, I grant you), the Golden is like its close cousin, often educated as a guide dog and rescue dog. A heroic animal in short, which deserves its nonosse.

9. The Beagle

A very expressive little dog, he is an adorable and rather rare ball of energy. It was even called “Beagle Elisabeth” in homage to Queen Elisabeth I who had made it her pet. Pretty classy, ​​right?

10. The Australian Shepherd

It’s hard not to succumb to the face of this dog with its bewitching gaze. Certainly one of the favorite dog breeds of the French for a few years, we can only add to this notoriety in no way stolen.

11. The Chow Chow

Certainly the most beautiful mane of all dogs, the Chow Chow is totally atypical with its disconcerting physique. And as surprising as it may seem, it is not the most tender dog with its masters without however being aggressive. Character trait that we forgive him in view of his comical face.

12. The Samoyed

An ocean of soft hair in the center of which nestles a happy little face where a mischievous smile always seems to emerge… it is this magnificent combination that qualifies the Samoyed, a friendly and gentle dog that it will be difficult not to take in his arm like a big stuffed animal.

13. The Dwarf Spitz

Also called Pomeranian (a pretty cool name for a dog between us), this tiny dog ​​is decidedly distinguished. We would almost find some similarities with cats, which should satisfy people who have not yet been able to choose their camp between cats and dogs.

14. Continental Toy Spaniel

Don’t be fooled by its small and puny appearance, which does not suggest its vigor. The breed of this picturesque-looking dog developed in the 19th century and could be found especially in wealthy families of the time.

15. The Siberian Husky

Be careful not to take him for a Malamute otherwise you will risk upsetting him! Indeed these two are among the dog breeds that are most often confused. The Siberian Husky is however thinner and more agile even if both are excellent sled dogs.

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