Top 15 of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world

Cats are extremely appreciable beings despite their many faults and the few inconveniences of living with certain members of this species. Why do we love them so much? Vast question, but surely part of the answer lies in their legendary beauty. That’s why we are sharing the most beautiful breeds of cats with you here, because a little beauty in this world of brutes is good.

1. The Persian

Absolutely no surprise to see this magnificent cat at the top of the podium. Her silky coat worthy of Rapunzel gives her a proud and majestic look. Not to mention that Persians have a very pleasant temperament, rather lazy they are rarely aggressive which makes them perfect life partners.

2. Bengal

Can we still really talk about a cat in front of this animal with a tawny coat? This admirable feline also has the good taste of being sociable and bringing many moments of happiness to the home that welcomes it. His tiger gaits are entirely consistent with his unparalleled hunting instincts.

3. The British Shorthair

Indeed, there is something British in the air of this cat to whom one wants to stick a cup of tea and a monocle. Highly recognizable, it is appreciated among other things for its affectionate and calm character. The gray of his coat is as poetic as it is aesthetic and gives full meaning to the adjective “beautiful”.

4. The Maine Coon

Be careful, plan space because the Maine Coon takes up space. They are the largest cats in the world (some reach 10 kilos). Their long coat and the tips of their hairy ears make them almost as majestic as the Persians. His playful, sociable behavior and his loyalty, however, bring him closer to the dog. It is one of the breeds of cats that we confuse all the time (with the Norwegian in particular).

5. The Siamese

A historically famous cat, he embodies this sacred character more than the others. His unique color and his blue eyes (sometimes affected by a slight strabismus) allow him to have a slight defect: he is a real chatterbox. Be ready to hear it communicate very very often all the time. If you like to chat, the Siamese is ideal.

6. The Abyssinian

First thing you notice when discovering this pretty beast: its surprisingly large ears. He too looks like a wild animal, with his coat similar to that of a puma. Cat appreciated for its vivacity, it is not the kind of companion that one leaves in a corner because it requires a little more investment than simple caresses.

7. The Sacred of Burma

Tasty mix of Siamese and Persian, the one that is also called Burmese is therefore doubly beautiful. And what’s more, he’s nice, which doesn’t help our ardent desire to adopt him.

8. Bombay

An unfathomable black coat, gold-colored eyes, the Bombay is of an elegance that is hard to match. A panther with less sharp claws that will happily take double cuddles.

9. Russian Blue

It looks like the name of a precious diamond and that’s normal because this cat is a rare nugget with a coat that is not blue as its name suggests (too bad), but an intense and languorous grey.

10. Turkish Angora

As its name rightly suggests, this grandiose cat has long, silky fur that is much thicker than that of its cousins. Only downside, it gets dirty very quickly if you let it gallop in the mud.

11. The Siberian

In addition to being of legendary beauty, the Siberian also has a formidable quality: it is the most hypoallergenic cat breed. Ideal to adopt when you are sensitive to contact with these soft hairy animals.

12. The Ragdoll

A slight resemblance to the Sacred of Burma and at the same time it is not exactly the same genre. Especially since he takes his name from his docile and soft doll behavior because he is a cat who lets himself be handled with ease.

13. Somalia

Coat difficult to define, the Somali is really one of the cats that have a nice head. The kind of cats with whom we could be friends, and maybe more if affinities (sorry I digress).

14. Chartreux

If I wanted to illustrate the most beautiful shades of gray, I couldn’t find anything better than this velvety coated cat. Those who don’t know anything about it see in him only an ordinary gray cat when he is much more than that, you just have to look into his gaze to start believing in higher forces.

15. The Manx

Hahaha yes no I’m kidding it’s not the court of miracles here.

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