Top 15 of the funniest brands on Twitter, the CMs who have it all figured out

Twitter is a place of humor and chaos. But in this anarchy, some companies have decided to hire a quality community manager to make fans laugh. Distributed, very bad puns, funny clash, solid gold answers, you can find everything there. Alala all these Twitter accounts to follow.


Who knows his audience well and knows how to brush it in the direction of the hair with a brush recently bought in the softness section of his nearest supermarket.


In addition to making us want to spend whole days in their stores, Decathlon also offers humor on this social network.

3. Winamax Sport

Basically, Winamax is poker, then they thought sports betting was cool too. Today they are a hit on Twitter.

4. Dairy Products

Who are excellent friends for life.


Choo Choo.

6. Innocent

They are the ones who make fruit juices that are too good and too mims. Yes there is a cute fruit juice.

7. Carambar

Bad jokes but jokes all the same for the kings of jokes.

8. Quechua

“Yes, but that doesn’t count, Quechua is a Decathlon brand”. Hush and laugh.

9. Oasis

If you like rotten fruit puns, you’ve come to the right place.

10. Interflora

By dint of breathing pollen, the CM of the brand must start to go crazy.

11. Bouygues Telecom

Who wins the award for the funniest telephone operator on Twitter.

12. Crossroads

Who, for this tweet, is entirely right.

13. Culture

Because butts always make you laugh. And laughing is good.


Well you have to be a little geek to understand his valves but we assure you it’s funny.

15. Bescherelle

A little Nazi grammar, but that’s what we like about him.

Come on I have 16€, I’m going shopping with each of these brands.

Speaking of shopping, you’ll have to think about last minute gifts there.

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