Top 15 of the best valves of Morgane Cadignan, this stand-up genius

After a remarkable stage debut in 2019, notably with the SACD prize at the prestigious Paris Humor Festival, Morgane Cadignan quickly established herself in the French-speaking stand-up world thanks, in particular, to her excellent appearances at the Montreux Comedy. Festival or in Paname, but also in the show Clique by Mouloud Achour or in the Band Originale by Nagui on France Inter.

So if you missed the phenomenon Morgane Cadignan, we strongly advise you to go and take your seats to see her on stage right here. But before that, here are some of his best valves available on the internet.

1. We can tell ourselves that there are situations in life that are shit, like death or cilantro, and you can’t do anything about it.

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2. Annabelle or Bérengère are lactose intolerant chicks. These are people you can kill them with a Yop.

3. I love to eat. In an industrial way. Not I love to eat like all those girls who take a Maltesers in the package, and who say: “Come on, I’m cracking up”: IT’S NOT THAT CRACKING MY SISTER! Me when I crack, I can eat Maltesers until I sweat aspartame.

4. I’m about to turn 30 and my grandmother told me: “Enjoy honey, these are the best years of your life”. That’s the best part? Ah sorry, there we are in the best part of the film? But what a shit movie! So my life is “Les Bronzés 3”, what’s going on?

5. The world is getting complicated, we feel a lot of pressure. Whatever you do professionally, personally, sexually, there is always someone who comes to tell you that you are not doing well enough, that you are not doing fast enough, that you are doing too much with your teeth.

6. We should stop drinking milk, because humans are the only living species to drink milk as an adult. Well then, what do we give a damn about this info?… We’re also the only species to drink apple vodka so I don’t see…

7. To forget my breakup, I drank so much alcohol on the terrace this summer. No really, at the end of August I started crying Spritz.

8. I’m too lazy to go back to the singles circuit. I mean, who has time for flirtatious games where we turn around, it’s boring, isn’t it? To sniff each other’s ass for months there, “run away from me, I follow you, follow me, I run away from you” as if we were living in a laser tag, but leave us alone!

9. The girls who are at the gym and who are already superbly well shaped, you want to tell them: “You’re muscular enough, from the moment you can clap with your ass, you can leave what “.

10. At the gym, you spend most of your time trying to get your pants off your ass, rather than pedaling.

11. I exercise just to be good. It has only one goal, it’s to narrow the gap between Beyoncé and me as much as possible, that’s all. For now, when I wake up, I look like Jay-Z, we’re getting closer.

12. I’m tired of going into a shop in Paris, to buy a lighter, and being told: “Ah, but no, sorry, the credit card is €25,000”

13. I’m 28, I still have acne… Sometimes I touch my forehead, it says “You’re ugly” in braille.

14. I worked in advertising. And unfortunately after a BAC+5 and 37000€ of studies, I realized that in fact, I was a communist. Whoops.

15. The Conservatoire de Paris is 30 students received, out of 1500 who present themselves. This is a disappointment machine. The building is self-sufficient in drinking water, so many actors are crying outside.

Convinced ? So to take your places, it’s happening right here!