Top 15 of the best tweets of Viktor Winetrout, the funny Rican

Hey buddies, I hope you had a wonderful day and were looking forward to this top tweets. Luckily it’s finally here and I’ve translated each tweet with love for your beautiful eyes. I wish you a good life and don’t forget to taste your vegetables before saying “I don’t like”.

1. 6 year old: What is it like to be an adult? / Me: You know that feeling when you unwrap a gift and it’s not what you wanted

2. [En regardant du porno] I hope they will stay together

3. Yeah I stole your monkey drawings. What are you going to do, draw policemen?

4. The computer beat me at chess so I download some viruses

5. [Allongé dans le lit après le sexe] Sorry for all the shouting, I’m afraid of the dark

6. It freaks me out when my dog ​​watches me and my wife fuck. No matter how hard we hide the videos, he always finds them.

7. Did it hurt you? When you saw yourself with the front camera without doing it on purpose

8. Don’t cry because it’s over, cry because life is a cruel series of disappointments that will eventually kill you.

9. “Can you explain this hole in your resume?” Yes, I don’t like to work

10. Sorry for yelling “destroy it” when talking about your son during the school spelling bee.

11. [En glissant un billet de 20 à l’employé des pompes funèbres] Great job, he really looks dead

12. I teach the newcomer to the office to gradually lose all will to live

13. [Criant depuis le coffre de voiture de mon kidnappeur] You can turn up the volume, I love this song

14. Another big accident at work today. I’m starting to tell myself that air traffic control is not a job for me.

15. You make a mistake at work and suddenly you’re “the guy who released the virus”

We love you, we respect you and we wish you a fun and dynamic day. End not too dynamic either, scroller on the couch is already a sport in itself.

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