Top 15 of the best tweets from @libon_, it always feels good to laugh a little

Hi little friends, it’s time for the top twittos of the week, the one you’ve been waiting for. If you like cute children’s sentences, you’ve come to the right place because @libon_ has plenty to tell!

1. Trash cans??

2. It’s debatable

3. There’s also the opposite: when it’s school holidays but you’re not on vacation

4. World’s Best Kid

5. A Jean-Michel knows how to behave properly

6. What a shitty nursery rhyme

7. Of course…

8. That’s good it will tire them out

9. It’s still more fun

10. Who did he think he was?

11. It would be more interesting if it was in his mouth

12. All darons will recognize each other

13. He is really flabbergasted

14. He’s way too cute

15. Ready to go to the front

OK, that’s it, it’s over. No need to drag on huh, you can go about your business.

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